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CJ Allan started out  Pinstriping in the mid-fifties, Evolving his art career into Award winning custom paint, and began building Custom and Hot Rod Harleys in the early 60s.

Over the next several years CJ worked to become an Experimental & Prototype Machinist.

This along with his constantly evolving art skills, just seemed to naturally lead to his interest in "Hand" engraving, which he became involved with around 1980. 

CJ has been featured in motorcycle trades throughout the years, to include, Ed "Big Daddy" Roths’ “Choppers”, “Supercycle”, “Easyriders”, “Iron Horse”, “The Horse Back Street Choppers”, and numerous others.

Learning "Traditional" engraving.
"It just didn't seem to fit on the motorcycles and cars I was building."

This is when he decided to replicate his lifestyle into his artwork thus,
"The Ultimate Experience in Hot Rod & Motorcycle Art" was born !!


Like CJ says.
"I Don't Do - Wood or Electricity, I Do - Metal & Paint!"
" I Build What I Ride!"



For several years now CJ has offered workshop classes to individuals wishing to learn the trade.

Students learn engraving from A to Z in this fine art class. They are taught how to set up their work area, prepare the piece that is to be engraved, choose, obtain and transfer patterns, make and sharpen gravers and all the tricks or the trade that CJ has learned and developed in his lifetime that make his work very unique.

For More information on how you can participate in his classes Click Here!




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