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"Frequently Asked Questions"

On this Page I Will Answer Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions Concerning My Engraving!

If You Find that I Have Missed Some  (and I'm sure you will)  Please Contact Me  I Will Reply as Soon as Possible!!

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Thank you.....


  1. Can you Engrave Parts that Are Already Chrome Plated ??
  2. Can I Have My Parts Chrome Plated After Being Engraved ??
  3. How Much Does Your Engraving Cost ??
  4. How Long Does It take ??
  5. Can I Buy My Parts Thru You ??
  6. What Condition Should My Parts Be In For You To Engrave ??
  7. Can I Buy Your Work in Shops or Thru dealers ?
  8. What is Your Policy on Doing Club Work ?
  9. How Can I Learn to Engrave ?

1.  Can You Engrave Parts that Are Already Chrome              Plated ??

NO!!....Absolutely Not!   Chrome plating will Chip and Peel anytime heavy cuts are made through the surface.

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2.  Can   My  Parts Be Plated After being Engraved ?

YES !!......Be sure to Stipulate that you are planning to have your parts plated After Engraving,  so we can make All of our Cuts Deeper to compensate for the Plating Process.   Be Advised......."Chrome Plating Will Fill in Some of the Fine Detail Work that Makes Our Engraving So Desirable."

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3.  How Much Does Your Engraving Cost ?

This is Probably the Hardest Question of All to Answer.   Each Project is Different and Therefore Pricing Can Vary.  As Most of our Engraving is Comparable to Tattoo Art,  Both in Design and Size,  it Would Be Reasonably Safe to Say,"The Price of Engraving Will Be Similar to that of the Prices in Tattooing."     If You Have your Own Artwork, and Exact Size Line-Drawings, You Will Cut Costs Considerably........Sometimes by as Much as Half !! 

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4.  How Long Does It take ?

Normal  Turnaround  Time Is  Usually Within Two Weeks!  All Work Is Done  On a First Come------First  Served  Basis.  I Normally Have a Considerable "Backlog" which Means "It Is Very Important For Your Parts to Be in My Shop and Ready to be Engraved When Your Appointment Time Comes Up."   If Your Parts Aren't Here and Ready At The Appointed Time Slot, You Go To The BACK of the LIST! "ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS".  Which Very Well Could Mean From Six Months Up to a Year.....Depending on My Workload  At the Time.

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5.  Can I buy My Parts Thru You ?

The ONLY Parts I Sell,  are the Ones That I Manufacture.  At the Present Time,  the Only thing I'm Making are The H-D Point Covers (7075-T6 Alum).   I am Not a Dealer Nor a Parts House, It's up to you to Provide the Parts You want Engraved.  Possibly in the Future I May Carry Some   Parts on a Limited Basis.

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6.  What Condition Should My Parts Be In for You To                 Engrave ?

"THIS IS IMPORTANT". ALL Parts MUST be sent to us in either a "POLISHED, ANODIZED, or BEAD BLASTED" condition!!  These are the ONLY  THREE WAYS we will accept  your parts!!  By Polished , we mean Ready for the Plating Tanks, this goes for ALL NEW parts too, as they usually have  a clear powder coating over the polished  surface.    Please CONTACT US for further special instructions concerning your parts before shipping to us. ABSOLUTELY NO CHROME parts will be accepted. (Please see the above question regarding Plated Parts)

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7.  Can I Buy Any of Your Work in Shops or Thru Dealers ?

"ALL" of My Work is "ONE of a KIND , HAND ENGRAVED,  ART WORK"
At the present time we are  discussing with a couple of the more Progressive Shops, along with a few of the countries Finest and Most Respected Builders and Painters, the possibilities of them carrying my work,  "Exclusively" in their areas.  This can Only work to Benefit the owners of the fine custom vehicles being built, as it will co-ordinate the Building, Painting, and  Engraving into the final design results.   As soon as all the little details of these negotiations are completed, I will announce the Names and Locations of these "SELECT" Dealers here on this web-site and through our E-Mailing List. We are really looking forward to working with these selected Shops and Individuals. If you would like to be placed on our mailing lists,
please contact us through this site.       

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8.  What is Your Policy On Doing Club Work ?

My Policy on doing ANY CLUB WORK is quite Simple, You must be  "WHO" you say you are, AND "HAVE YOUR PAPERS  in ORDER, Because they WILL BE CHECKED !"

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9.  How can I learn to Engrave  ?

"Anyone Can Learn to Engrave" "IF",  you are "SERIOUS"  About Learning  This Almost Lost Art of "HAND"  Engraving, and Think You Would Like to INVEST the TIME and EFFORT Necessary,  This Can be One of the MOST   INTERESTING,  REWARDING, and SELF-SATISFYING,  ART- MEDIUMS  You Can Find.    I am ALWAYS   Ready to Assist in Anyway  I Can, to Anyone Wanting to Learn, and to Better Themselves.  Contact Me  and I Will  Help Get You on the Right Track !!   ALSO, See  "The  Engraver  Co." for the necessary tools, books, and equipment needed for the art of engraving!

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"Please Note"

The Quality of My work


be Compromised  because of Your Schedule or Impatience...............!!!

"If You  CAN'T  Live with This.....DON'T  Leave It !!"

If you have any Other Questions concerning My Engraving, Please don't Hesitate to Contact Me and  I Will Try to answer to the Best of My Ability!



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