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The  policy is really pretty simple.

Please Read Completely, Thank You !

The Quality of my work will NOT SUFFER Due to Your Schedule, or Impatience!

I Work at "MY OWN PACE" and when the work is Completed It Will Be Shipped, Not Before!

If You Can't Live With This........

You Will Need To Find Someone Else To Do Your Work !



Please READ The "FAQS" Page before you make any decisions, or contact us for any work. This will save Everyone concerned a lot of time and grief.

We make Every Effort to complete ALL projects on schedule....

However, There might be times when we get a little Behind in our Schedule, and there are times when we are Ahead of Schedule. But "MY" Schedule is the ONLY one I am concerned with, and Ultimately, I will be the ONLY one that can keep things balanced.  There will also be times when I Simply have to get the Hell away from all of this, and take a few days, or more, off.

    Contrary to popular belief, All This Artwork doesn't just fall out of the sky, or magically appear on your parts. I work long, hard hours to produce the things you may sometimes take for granted That's Fine Just Don't Take "ME" for granted!


CJ Allan


Workshop Seminar Information Below


You Too Can Learn How To Engrave

Like A Pro!

A 3 day class at CJ's Home Studio Located in beautiful Hazel, Kentucky is $ 1,250.00 Price includes supplies, work area, food and a place to lay your head!

From Pick Guards

Cam Covers

And Specialty Items


Classes will also be held in Southern California

Call 800-880-6567

To reserve your spot today!



CJ also teaches workshop classes at the Ray Cover School of Fine Art Engraving located in Festus, MO for more information on those classes Click Here!



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