10 movies critics hate but audiences love

Works of art are often, but not always, evaluated differently by different viewers. Critics tend to lean a little more on technicalities than audiences, who place more importance on personal feelings. There’s no one correct way to judge a movie, no universal terms and conditions with which to decide how great (or terrible) it is.

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As such, there are countless examples of audience-loved films that most critics despise. Although critical dissatisfaction doesn’t necessarily turn the film into a flop. In fact, there are plenty of movies that are very successful at the box office despite heavy reviews.

ten Lucky Number Slevin (2006) spent more than double its production budget

Ben Kingley

Critics rejected Slevin lucky number for not adapting to its own “convoluted plot and dizzying set design”. This may be a justifiable reaction to Slevin lucky numberrandom attempt to “be smart in a pulp Fiction kind of way.”

These negative sentiments were not reflected in the audience’s responses. Slevin lucky number managed to double its production budget. Interestingly, this Paul McGuigan neo-noir thriller earned a few prestigious awards and nominations.

9 Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (2019) was considered an adequate extension of the beloved franchise

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

As the 35th installment in an ancient franchise that began in 1954, fans expected Godzilla: King of the Monsters be an action-packed adventure. king of the monsters the book in style.

It grossed $386 million at the box office, proving that critical dissatisfaction with monster kingThe weak narration and inconsistent content did not affect the opinions of laymen at all. On the contrary, most viewers found Godzilla: King of the Monsters be an adequate extension of the beloved franchise.

8 Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005) could be a soap opera, but audiences loved it

Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha won three Oscars – art direction, costume design and cinematography – out of a total of six nominations. Memoirs of a GeishaThe visual style, OST, and set design of won acclaim from many critics.

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However, the general opinion was that he was lukewarm in his mediocrity. Memoirs of a Geisha significantly better in terms of public opinion. But, critics called its plot a weak “soap opera” imitation.

seven The Greatest Showman (2017) won big, both at the box office and at the awards shows

Hugh Jackman as PT Barnum in The Greatest Showman

Hugh Jackman is definitely a showstopper. His thrilling portrayal of PT Barnum wasn’t enough to save The greatest showman from a deluge of pessimistic reviews. As critics savored The greatest showmanThe musical numbers and stellar cast of , they simultaneously denounced its “false-inspiring and superficial” thematic framework.

All the same, The greatest showman went on to earn $435 million, a fourfold profit margin that shows just how well-received it was. The greatest showman also won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song, always an impressive feat.

6 Hot Rod (2007) eventually gained cult status over the next few years

Movies Hot Rod Spirit Animal Jump

Andy Samberg’s comedy style is quirky, over the top and completely self-effacing. These elements form the narrative base of hot rod, directed by Samberg’s childhood friend, Akiva Schaffer. hot rod failed to make its mark at the box office, raking in a measly $14 million after spending almost twice its budget.

Critics also didn’t hold back their opinions, going so far as to call hot rod “form” and “inconsistent”. hot rod eventually picked up a decent cult following over time. This was in accordance with SNL creator Lorne Michaels’ expectations that “the image will be thought of differently in two years”.

5 The Judge (2014) failed to convince critics it was worth watching

The Judge 2014

Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall play father and son in David Dobkin The judge. The judge focuses a little too much attention on its two protagonists rather than on the rest of the cast. Reviewers complained about The judge“The emotional fireworks” were clearly “Oscar bait,” but the audience didn’t seem to care.

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Additionally, Robert Duvall’s Joseph Palmer received widespread acclaim, earning numerous nominations for his performance. Sadly, The judge failed to convince several contemporary critics that it was worth watching.

4 Venom (2018) gives MCU fans an alternative look at the superhero genre

Venom may be one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains, but Tom Hardy’s version failed to impress most critics. As a Marvel spin-off, Venom was hugely popular, as evidenced by its incredible box office win: $865 million in total earnings.

The roasted critics Venom for his “ho-hum skill” and forgettable gimmicks. But, viewers preferred to ignore Venomoccasional stutter in favor of its dazzling special effects. Venom was celebrated for giving MCU fans an alternative look at the superhero movie genre, even if the protagonist wasn’t as compelling as he could have been.

3 Rambo: Last Blood (2019) Differs Significantly Between Audience and Critic Ratings

Rambo: First Blood (1982) transformed the blood-soaked blockbuster into a sprawling action-packed franchise. first blood established Sylvester Stallone as one of the most recognizable action heroes in Hollywood history.

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The most recent installment, Last Blood, was terribly received by critics. More precisely, for its “mess of contradictions”. Nevertheless, Rambo: Last Blood scored 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is significantly higher than the tomatometer’s 26% rating. This may be partly due to last bloodgrindhouse-esque sensibilities.

2 Constantine (2005) was considered goofy by critics, but audiences found it charming

Keanu Reeves as John Constantine in "Constantine" (2005)

Keanu Reeves bets on The matrixis famous in Constantine, a film adaptation of the grumpy comic book character Hellblazer. Constantine did extremely well in terms of profit margins, demonstrating the difference between critical interest and viewer interest.

Constantine was subjected to mixed reviews, with some noting its “black theological action” style. Others claimed its script was “irrevocably goofy” – in part because of the lack of parallels to the original comic tale.

1 Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (2019) unnecessarily revisits its predecessor

Rey and Kylo Ren fight in The Rise of Skywalker

The Rise of Skywalker was much less hated than its predecessor, The Last Jedi. The Rise of Skywalker was perhaps preferred because it spoke strongly to the franchise’s most vocal fans. The Rise of SkywalkerThe box office gross of $1.074 billion is clear proof that audiences loved it.

Although this number is also reinforced by the fact that The Rise of Skywalker concludes the star wars scenario. Most critics commented on the unnecessary reinstatement of The Last Jedi, but viewers seemed to have the opposite reaction.

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