5 Cruiser Bikes Perfect For Beginners (5 That Should Only Be Used By Experienced Riders)

For the most part, cruiser-style motorcycles are based on American cruiser motorcycles of the 1930s – Harleys and Indians with big tires, low saddles, and gracefully sculpted fuel tanks. In the modern world, cruisers come in different types and forms. Manufacturers are producing new interpretations of the cruiser, some of them quite far from the art deco of early cruiser machines.

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Choosing the right beginner cruising bike depends on several factors. The main one is the overall stature. A beginner should put his feet on the ground comfortably to support the cycle and himself. Other factors include the size of the bike’s motor, its weight, among others. Anything less than 600cc would do the trick for a novice cruiser. An experienced rider can push anything that moves on two wheels, regardless of the size, height or weight of the motorcycle’s engine. That said, dive into five of the best cruising bikes for beginners and five machines for the seasoned cyclist.

Perfect for beginners: Yamaha V-Star 250

Yamaha V-Star 250

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The Yamaha Virago is one of the most beautiful and influential Japanese motorcycles in history, and perhaps one of the best in the classic cruiser market. The bike was introduced in 1981 as a 750cc cruising machine and set the tone for the entire segment with its chopper-esque styling and low seat height. Over the years, Yamaha has added several displacements, including the 250 cc variant.


Via yamaha-motor.ca

The Virago eventually became the V-Star series, hence the V-Star 250. While the 535cc motorcycle is no longer in production, the 250 is still on the market and is powered by a twin-cylinder engine. V of 249 cm3 associated with a five-speed transmission. The V-Twin engine produces just enough power for a novice rider to practice before hopping on a more powerful machine.

For confirmed pilots: Triumph Bonneville Bobber


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While the Bonneville Bobber doesn’t usually come to mind when people talk about cruisers, it is a powerful cruiser machine that packs enough power to scare off the best sport bikes on the market. The bike has a tractor-type saddle with a low seat height and a tilted back position. Its torquey motor makes it an attractive consideration when purchasing a cruising bike for the experienced rider.


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The Bonneville is Triumph’s best-selling model. It is based on the Bonneville 1200cc platform from the Hinckley firm. It gives the pilot the incredible experience of riding a custom cruiser without losing the factory fit and finish while maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty.

Perfect for beginners: Honda Rebel

Honda rebel

Via powersports.honda.com

The Honda Rebel has been around for a long time. The Model 500 was introduced in 2017, and it quickly became one of the most adored and sought after cruising bikes of all time. The sales difference between sport bikes and cruisers has always been minimal. So, to get many riders to embrace the cruiser side, Honda thought the best way to win riders’ hearts was to keep it simple.

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Via powersports.honda.com

The Honda rebel 500 is pretty straightforward. It’s not that big, scary, and it’s not powered by a roaring 2000cc v-twin, either. The bike has a smooth throttle, great brakes, an assist and traction control clutch and excellent gearing. Its seat is pretty much comfortable, and that’s all a novice cruiser pilot wants.

For experienced pilots: BMW R18

Bmw r18

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In order for an experienced pilot to feel the real thrill of fighting with the wind, a massive, roaring beast of an engine must be underneath. And that’s why the R18 is here. The R18 is fitted with the largest boxer engine ever produced by BMW Motorrad.


Via motonews.com

The BMW R18 represents the modern interpretation of the cruising machine, perfectly blended with the classic styling of the 1930s. It is inspired by the traditional models of the WWII era, more precisely, the BMW R5 from 1936. The R18 features retro-style forks and fishtail exhausts. Its exotic bodywork is finished in a black livery and white stripes, all clear nods to the classic R5. In addition, BMW offers a wide range of parts to customize the Bavarian juggernaut to the pleasure of the pilot.

Perfect for beginners: Suzuki Boulevard S40

Suzuki Boulevard S40

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The cruising bike market has something for everyone, and Suzuki’s Boulevard S40 is the traditional alternative to the modernly designed Rebel 500. Suzuki takes a proven approach to bringing to market an entry-level cruiser powered by a 652cc air-cooled engine with Mikuni carburetor. The simple design of the bike also presents buyers with a blank canvas to customize the S40 to their liking.


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The slim 381-pound bike gives riders the confidence to get around town, and at a starting price of under $ 6,000, the Boulevard S40 is arguably one of the most accessible entry-level cruising bikes on the market. which is also easy to work with.

For experienced riders: Yamaha Vmax


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The Vmax was first released in 1985 as the first motorcycle to launch the hyper-cruiser segment. The bike features an angular, contemporary take on the standard cruising bike design with hints of bare bike vibe. Adrenaline pumping performance comes from a gigantic 1.6L V4 engine producing 200 horsepower.

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Via yamahamotorsports.com

The Vmax sets itself apart from almost all other cruisers on the market thanks to its exotic bodywork and pronounced air intakes. To complete this beautiful work of art, Yamaha gives the Vmax a cockpit with instrumentation partially placed on top of the tank.

Perfect for beginners: Kawasaki Vulcan 500 / Vulcan S / Vulcan S ABS

Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS

Via kawasaki.com

Kawasaki’s Vulcan line of cruisers were released in the early 1980s. The first model was a 1984 700cc cruiser that set the standard for other incredible machines to follow. For a novice cruiser, a used Vulcan 500 could do wonders. This model was sold between 1990 and 2009 with a liquid-cooled 498cc parallel twin engine.

Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS

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The best modern Vulcan for beginner riders is the S model with a futuristic design. It features a 649cc liquid-cooled parallel twin, six-speed transmission and chain-driven final drive. The Vulcan S comes with a 27.7-inch seat height and adjustable footrests. The Vulcan Model S is also offered with anti-lock braking technology on the Model S ABS.

For experienced pilots: Triumph Rocket 3


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The Triumph Rocket 3 is currently the largest displacement motorcycle on the market. It comes with a whopping 2.5-liter three-cylinder producing 165 horsepower. While the bike’s top speed is only 140mph, it reaches that speed quite quickly. It’s also the fastest-accelerating production bike, with a 0-60mph time of 2.75 seconds.


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As any experienced cruiser pilot expects, the Triumph Rocket 3 comes with a lot of technology. It has an integrated navigation system from Google and numerous driving modes.

Perfect for beginners: Indian Scout Sixty

indian scout sixty

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The latest of the best beginner cruisers is the Scout Sixty, an Indian designed and built entry cruiser. With a 999cc engine, the Scout Sixty is the biggest beginner cruising bike on this list, but it comes with other features suitable for beginners. Those features include an ultra-low 25-inch seat height, the lowest on this list.

indian scout sixty

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The Scout Sixty also features a low center of gravity which helps new riders control the 560-pound machine as if it weighed only 200 pounds. The higher displacement and 78 horsepower make the Scout Sixty the perfect cruiser for highway speeds.

For experienced riders: Suzuki Boulevard M109R BOSS

Suzuki Boulevard M109R BOSS

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With the 2021 Suzuki Boulevard M109R BOSS, performance has never been so good or so gloomy. This is the ultimate definition of bullying. Powered by a powerful 109 cubic inch engine and wrapped in aggressive styling, the M109R is the performance cruising machine other bikes wish they could be. Its powerful V-twin has the largest pistons in the industry.


Via suzukicycles.com

The aggressive styling of this beast includes slant-cut mufflers, a supplied solo seat cowl, and drag-style bars. To finish this work of art in style, the Boulevard M109R features a uniquely shaped headlight pod that is uniquely that of Suzuki. And it’s not just a matter of appearance; Beneath this beautiful skin are other performance cues that make it an exclusive choice for seasoned enthusiasts.

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