670 HP all-engine Corvette Z06 garage build time feels way too short

We are dangerously approaching the limit of cultural redundancy in saying that the Corvette, regardless of generation, is still a great canvas of customization. But, when it comes to someone else’s project cars, taking over before construction is complete is usually like opening Pandora’s Box. Except for those times where one has done the proper research and can trace the provenance of each nut and bolt.

According to the latest story shared by David Patterson (aka That DudeinBleu on social media), that’s exactly what happened with this stunning C6 Chevy Corvette Z06 waiting for the right moment to “marry” to a new powertrain. The owner, a friend of his (considering he allowed him to play with his Cadillac CTS-V on camera), decided it was time for a change and discovered the Black Beauty before she became a thoroughbred all engine.

A “incredible amount of coins“were eagerly waiting to be seated inside, including one”printed in blue, balanced and (almost) assembled”447ci (7.3 liter) V8 created by Late Model Engines of Houston, Texas. It is a roller motor with nitrous preparation supposedly capable of reaching 8,000 rpm, and the acquisition also included an RPM Transmissions Level 5 gearbox with a McLeod Racing RXT 1200 double disc clutch and a level 4 differential, among others.

But all of those parts had to be associated with the body by someone, and that hard-working mechanic turned out to be Justin from JMM Motorsports. He bravely set out to recreate a custom Corvette almost on his own from all the pieces of the puzzle in his garage. We said almost because the owner also helped a bit, while the hostess as well as the kids and dogs also played their part playing and generally annoying.

By the way, although David does say in the title that we’re going to see the all-engine Corvette come to life in just 12 minutes, the time-lapse parts, which include the actual tinkering, were much shorter, lasting from 2 : 10 to 5:45 marks. Then it was time for a first start, a dyno day (which revealed a figure of 669 horsepower, nitrous free), as well as a festive burnout.

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