8 Orange County Choppers trikes that turn heads (and 3 built by Paul Teutul Jr.)

Famous for their reality TV show, American chopper, which was established in 2002, Orange County Choppers (OCC) is a world-renowned manufacturer of custom motorcycles. The father and son team of Paul Teutul Senior and Paul Teutul Junior was at the heart of the show which featured themed helicopter making. Their family rivalry and less than friendly working relationship often resulted in disagreements that forced the demise of the company as they knew it and the American Chopper Show in 2010.

A fallout, American Chopper: Senior vs Junior, quickly took its place. The new series focused on Senior at Orange County Choppers versus Junior’s solo activity, Designs Paul Jr..

While Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs frequently carried bespoke two-wheeled bikes, over the years a handful of trikes have rolled out of every store. Here we take a look at 10 of the unique trikes that carry the Orange County Choppers or Paul Jr. Designs branding.

Orange County Choppers: NRA Tricycle

thefirearmblog 1
Via: the gun blog

In 2016, Orange County Choppers built a custom tricycle for the National Rifle Association (NRA). According to The gun blog, the tricycle was auctioned off at the annual dinner to benefit the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislation Action (NRA-ILA) and was accompanied by a large boy Henry Lever Action .44 magnum engraved tailored. Among other thematic details, this Orange County Choppers build featured an exhaust system designed to resemble a rifle and ammo footrests.

thefirearmblog 2
Via: the gun blog

The custom painting paid homage to American patriotic symbols such as the United States Constitution on the left wing and the American flag on the right. The front wheel is designed with a bald eagle, which is another iconic national symbol of the United States.

Orange County Choppers: Beck’s Hybrid Inverted Tricycle

Orange County Choppers Beck's Hybrids Inverted Tricycle (2)
Via: Facebook Farm and Dairy

The Orange County Choppers Beck’s Reverse Trike was their first build with two front wheels and one rear wheel. The trike was commissioned by Beck’s as a commemorative custom chopper that “looked like a corn picker and honored the American farmer.”

Orange County Choppers: Beck's Hybrid Inverted Tricycle
Via: Twitter

Deets included chrome handles designed to look like corn cobs and mirrors that looked like leaves on corn stalks. Beck’s mission statement – to provide our customers with the best quality seed, the best performance in the field and the best service is embedded in construction.

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Orange County Choppers: Christopher Reeves Wheelchair Tricycle

Orange County Choppers: Christopher Reeves Wheelchair Tricycle
Via: Amazon

A 2009 Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation press release announced the construction by Orange County Choppers of its very first wheelchair accessible motorcycle. The wheelchair helicopter was featured in the American Chopper episode “Life Rolls On”.

Via: Driving in the United States

Paul Sr. demonstrated the bike during the reveal, sitting down in a wheelchair, then dismantling the chair from the helicopter amid cheers from the audience. The bike featured a hydraulic ramp to roll a chair and a lock to mount it in place. It was operated by manual controls, powered by a 100 cubic inch SS engine and 5 speed transmission with reverse.

Orange County Choppers: Oscar Mike Bike with a sidecar

oscar mike sidecar trike orange county choppers
Via: Facebook

The Oscar Mike build by Orange County Choppers was unveiled at the Oscar Mike Ball. Although technically a two-wheeled bike, the added sidecar gave it three-wheeled functionality. The construction was to benefit the Oscar Mike Foundation which focuses on restoring independence to injured veterans through adapted sports. At the time of construction of the OCC, the Oscar Mike facility offered nine adaptations of recreational activities, including flying.

oscar mike sidecar trike orange county choppers (2)
Via: Oscar Mike

The Motorcycle Theme was created to honor WWII veterans. It featured the famous shark tooth nose art seen on aircrews and ground crews in WWII as well as a classic 1940s style pin-up girl.

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Orange County Choppers: United States Navy Trike

orange county choppers usmc marine corp trike american chopper
Via: Orange County Choppers

The Orange County Choppers USMC trike made a photo appearance as recently as 2017 on their social media pages for Veterans Day. The trike was custom painted to mimic sartorial blues with a full buttoned fuel tank and replicated shoulder pads on the rear fenders.

Orange county choppers usmc marine corp trike
Via: Orange County Choppers

A nod to the white cap is simulated on the seat. Additional details are shown on the ammo footrests, the sword on the front forks and the engine badge. It is engraved “MARINES THE FEW THE PROUD”.

Orange County Choppers: Ardbeg Peat Hopper Trike

Orange County Choppers: Ardbeg Peat Hopper Trike
Via: Orange County Choppers

In 2013, scotch whiskey maker Ardbeg ordered his second bike from Orange County Choppers. The “Peat Hopper” has been described as a child in love between a tractor, an all-wheel drive vehicle and a chopper. The stylistic inspiration came from a “vintage tractor that could get muddy”.

Ardbeg Orange County Choppers Peat Hopper Trike
Via: Facebook Exit 9 Warehouse of wines and spirits

A Springer and Monkeys front-end have been added. The rear fenders were designed to resemble tractor fenders. Ardbeg tag details have been custom painted and / or engraved on the entire bike. Gnarled tires, flame throwers from the exhaust and whiskey in the tank were requested.

Orange County Choppers: FANtasy Trike

bryan king trike orange county choppers facebook
Via: Facebook Ivmoto

In the third season of American Chopper, which aired from October 2005 to August 2006, the Orange County Choppers team held a fan contest to win an OCC custom bike. Four winners were chosen.

bryan king trike orange county choppers american choppers new mobility
Via: New Mobility

According to the New Mobility website, the OCC FANtasy trike was built for Bryan King, a T3-4 paraplegic, resulting from a car accident. His tricycle featured manual controls and a gearshift button. Other adaptations included front and rear brakes on the bars and a modified clutch. It is said that King called the custom the “vertebrate tricycle”.

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Orange County Choppers: Trike Purple Heart

purple heart trike orange county choppers
Via: Mautofié

In 2007, Orange County Choppers created the Purple Heart Trike. The custom three-wheeler was commissioned by Greg Schisler to honor wounded veterans and is said to have toured the country with stops at 40 US military bases.

purple heart trike orange county choppers american choppers
Via: Mautofié

The custom painting of the tricycle mainly shows the Purple Heart medal. It was built with a 110 cubic inch V-Twin with a six-speed transmission. A twin Purple Heart trike was to be made and awarded to a disabled vet the following year, having been built with their own custom housing.

Paul Jr. Designs: Loopster Trike

Loopster Trike Paul Jr. designs Orange County helicopters
Via: Twitter

After leaving Orange County Choppers, Paul Jr. created the Loopster Trike via Paul Jr. Designs. Junior revealed that the inspiration came from the innovation of Loopster Company technology. Their Film, edit, share The tagline put the words dragster / roadster in its head, sparking the idea of ​​the tricycle hot rod theme.

Via: Paul Jr. Designs

The custom paint featured classic style rodder flames with super bright yellow glitter under a semi-gloss finish. Replica film reels were incorporated into the wheel design and a film strip was the inspiration for the chain guard design.

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Paul Jr. Designs: The Dually Trike (five wheels)

Via: MyTruckWarranty.com

An unveiling of the double by Paul Jr. Designs in 2019 came to fruition with his idea of ​​a work truck in mind. Dual tires on either side of the rear transformed the custom build into a five-wheeler.

TruNorth Duelly
Via: YouTube

Junior reported that he imagined it with a futuristic aesthetic, adding bumpers to the fuel tank and rear. A Rhino Lined finish evokes a Mad Max image. The double tricycle also has a trailer hitch and towing capacity. Not something normally added in a bike build.

Paul Jr. Designs: Gears of War Trike

Gears of War3 Trike Paul Jr. Designs formerly Orange County Choppers
Via: Pintrest

When Paul Jr. Designs posted the gallery photos of the Gears of War trike, they called it “the most fantastic PJD vehicle yet”. Along with the RPG of the same name as the theme, the trike was revealed at Comic-Con in San Diego. Construction was ordered to coincide with the launch of Gears of War 3.

GearsofWar3 Trike Paul Jr. Designs American Orange County Chopper Choppers
Via: Behance

The vehicle featured locust protection bars, push-pull steering, nickel-plated skulls, and a forward-facing Gatling gun for the exhaust. The wheels were billed as stone crushers and weighed 140 pounds each. He was well received by the players.

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