A ‘really lucky’ biker seeks justice after he was hit by a ‘woven’ van, sent flying through the air and landing in bushland on the A32 near Wickham

Scott Lemon, 42, said he was sent flying after the handlebars of his bike got stuck in the side of a white Peugeot Partner which rammed into him.

Mr Lemon landed in a bush on the edge of the A32 and the van driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

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Scott Lemon, 42, was hospitalized after being hit by a van on the A32 near Wickham. He had to undergo operations at Southampton General Hospital.

Paramedics were called at 4.35pm on April 30 and the father-of-two was sent to Southampton General Hospital – requiring knee, patella and shin surgery.

The independent contractor said The news: ‘It was a nightmare, just what I needed.

“A nice Saturday afternoon ride turns into this.

“It was crazy and the van was zigzagging all over the place.

“It was a bit giddy.”

Mr Lemon lives in Shirrell Heath, just minutes from the crash site.

He decided to take a different direction home, via Wickham “because it was a beautiful day”.

The 42-year-old said he saw the van driver at the junction and hinted there would be trouble.

Just as he passed the Roebuck Inn, Mr. Lemon said the vehicle swerved.

He added: “As he hit me I moved straight into the gutter and bounced against the curb.

“He hit me in the side and I got stuck between the bike and the van.

“The handlebars dug into its light, and it twisted the bar, so the bike threw me from behind and I went about 20 yards.

“I flew through the air, missed a few tree stumps and everything, and landed in the bush.

“If I hit something hard, God knows what kind of damage it would have caused.”

Mr Lemon said he was ‘really lucky’ to not have any more serious injuries.

He explained that he had bruises all over one side of his body.

In addition to operations, the engineer broke his right hand and crushed his little finger.

His bike helmet had a big dent in the side, and the enthusiastic cyclist said that despite the pain, it could have been worse.

Mr Lemon, who repairs and installs renewable heating systems, added: ‘My neck is so stiff it kills.

“Any movement, and all of a sudden, it’s agony, like some sort of trapped nerve type injury.

“I feel like I’ve been crushed.

“Every part of my body is bruised, but not much is broken, which is lucky.”

Mr Lemon has been discharged from hospital and is back home with his wife Kate and two children, Logan, nine, and Madison, six.

The biker said his wife was “horrified” when she heard about the crash and wants justice.

Mr Lemon said: “Where I landed there is a large field nearby and lots of people take their children there for walks.

“A lot of people come to that little crossroads there, and it could have been so dangerous.”

A 45-year-old man from Emsworth has been arrested on suspicion of driving a vehicle while over the alcohol limit.

Hampshire Police released him under investigation, while inquiries are still ongoing.

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