A superb rendering shows a wild 1932 Ford custom hot rod

The custom Ford goes through a big transformation to become a wild hot rod, nicknamed “Gimme All Your Lovin”.

Featured image of Ford's custom rendering
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Czech digital renderer Rostislav Prokop is well known for producing some truly remarkable work. These vary from widebody monsters to some drastically modified classic cars. This rendering of Prokop is no exception to the savage rule. It is a 1932 Ford Custom which underwent a big transformation to become a wild hot rod, which Prokop himself gave the name of “Gimme All Your Lovin”.

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The wild paint scheme stands out from the crowd

First, let’s look at the paint scheme. The hot rod is predominantly red, with extreme striping all over the body. All of these scratches match up well with chunks of chrome throughout the car. Going to the front of the car, the grille is fully chrome and classic hot rod style headlights are placed on it – nothing too drastic. Some sort of mini-splitter appears to be under the hot rod’s front fairing, with some extra grip probably needed up front due to those thinner front tires. The engine bay is also clearly visible, allowing us to see Ford’s power in all its glory.

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The detail is evident on the side

Side view of Ford custom rendering
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As we move around the hot rod we can see a lot more detail. Perhaps the most obvious are those huge side exhausts that stretch out from where the engine sits just alongside the doors of the car. We can’t really see if it has doors on both sides, but it would certainly make it difficult for the Ford to get in! Looking further to the side we can see these giant ball wheels. Prokop is famous for adding crazy wheels to their renderings, and this hot rod is no exception. There is a lot of space in these wheels and they are perfect for the big tires around them.

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More details on the back of the car

Ford Custom Rendering Rear Quarter View
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There are also a few points of interest at the back of the hot rod. It’s not as obvious on some renderings, but there appears to be some sort of rear diffuser, albeit a lot smaller than some of Prokop’s other work. The rear of the car is also clearly raised, largely because the tires at the rear are larger than those at the front. If we take a general look at the car, it retains many classic hot rod traits and is an absolutely stunning machine.

Source: Instagram

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