Absolutely Perfect Elden Ring/Akira Fan Art Hypes Upcoming Release Date

A fan excited for the imminent release of Elden Ring creates a stunning poster that mixes FromSoftware’s latest RPG with classic anime Akira.

A Ring of Elden fan expresses his excitement for the upcoming role-playing game by illustrating a stunning new poster inspired by Akira.

Designed by Twitter user @7OnKat, the stunning artwork features the protagonist of Ring of Elden, simply named The Ternished, as they advance towards their armored mount. The art style, font and composition of the image are a clear reference to the iconic poster of the legendary anime Akira which features the main character Shōtarō Kaneda striding towards his futuristic motorcycle. “Every day we get closer to land between Feb 25th we roll,” @7OnKat writes, referring to the highly anticipated game’s release date.

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@7OnKat is a talented artist/illustrator who has created many unique pieces inspired by popular video games and anime including transmitted by blood, dark souls and evangelization. Fans who appreciate @7OnKat’s unique style can commission their own artwork or purchase a print from the creator. INPRNT store.

Ring of Elden is the latest release from FromSoftware and fans of the studio’s particular brand of punishing yet rewarding gameplay eagerly await its release. Featuring a world created by George RR Martin, author of the popular A song of ice and fire novels, players will step into the role of The Ternished, a banished being from a magical world known only as The Lands Between. Talking about what inspired the sinister and dark setting of Ring of Eldengame director Hidetaka Miyazaki said, “The Lord of the Rings, The Eternal Champion series of novels by Michael Moorcock, aspects of tabletop RPGs such as Rune Quest, etc.” all influenced the design of the game.

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While players have yet to decide on Ring of Eldenmany anime fans agree that Akira is one of the most important and influential films the medium has ever seen. The cyberpunk film tells the story of biker gang leader Kaneda as he ventures into a dystopian future to save his friend Tetsuo from a top-secret government project. Akira is widely recognized for his impact on popular culture, influencing and inspiring countless works of fiction across a variety of mediums, including movies, series, video games, and comics.

Gamers eagerly await the release of Ring of Elden won’t have to wait much longer. The highly anticipated title will launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on February 25.

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