Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo First Look (14 track highlights)

This one is not for the street. Available from Aprilia Racing as part of the company’s Factory Works program, it’s up to you to pick up this track-ready version of the Aprilia RS 660 supersport motorcycle from the Aprilia Racing loading dock in Noale, Italy. Let’s see what makes it an Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo. Spoiler: It includes many pieces of tricks from Italy.

Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo: Price

Photograph by Alberto Cervetti

  1. The engine has minor modifications. The radiator thermostat disappeared, which allowed Aprilia Racing to make do with the network of pipes for the cooling system. There are also aluminum guards for the engine.
  1. The electronic system is being reconditioned for track performance. Aprilia Racing programmed the ECU for racing, not street driving. The Sprint Filter air filter and the SC-Project exhaust require completely different engine mappings due to the increased air supply during intake and the increased ability to discharge the exhausted charge.
  1. Traction control, wheelie control and electronic compression brake settings are all present. However, they are set up for racing rather than street use. The three functions are independently adjustable.
  1. The quickshifter is in place only. You are alone to downgrade.
  1. ABS is deactivated. In addition, the braking system is simplified by keeping the front and rear braking systems completely independent.

Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo: for sale

  1. A color TFT display is used, with a switch panel on the left clip-on bar. Jetprime manufactures the switch panel and the stop button.
  1. There is no key and the immobilizer function is deactivated.
  1. The Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo’s KYB fork is externally the same as the standard RS 660 KYB. Inside, it receives an Andreani Misano cartridge fork kit, which includes a DLC-coated cartridge tube. Spring damping and preload are tuned for track use.
  1. An Öhlins AP948 replaces the shock absorber of the RS 660. As you might expect, it has track-only damping settings and spring preload.
  1. Pirelli Supercorsa V3 SC1 road-approved competition tires are mounted on the 17-inch rims. There is a 120/70 at the front and a 180/60 at the rear.

Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo: MSRP

  1. The fiberglass fairing is manufactured by Cruciata Racing Parts. The Zanasi group, which also works for the Aprilia Gresini Racing Team, takes care of the painting.
  1. There is no kickstand – instead you get a Bike-Lift mount.
  1. Aprilia makes no warranties and says that you are “strictly prohibited” from driving it on the street. Aprilia does not provide any registration document.
  1. Expect to part with € 14,700 to get the Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo. After paying 20% ​​by bank transfer, you must wait at least 45 days for your motorcycle to be built. Full payment is due before delivery.

We tested the Aprilia RS 660 2021

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