Aston Martin’s first Superbike is finally here – Robb Report

If Aston Martin’s first motorcycle was a Bond film, it might be titled “Better Late Than Never Say Never Again”.

The British brand announced on Monday that deliveries of the long-awaited AMB 001 have finally started, two and a half years after its debut. And as promised, the track-only two-wheeler, the result of a collaboration with renowned manufacturer Brough Superior, is a real superbike.

The limited-edition AMB 001 made its debut at the Milan Motorcycle Show in November 2019. The motorcycle, which was designed specifically for track use, combines one of the most striking motorcycle designs of recent years with a lot of power. All of its punch comes from a Brough Superiors V-twin engine, which has been supercharged for the first time and is capable of generating a jaw-dropping 183bhp (three more than promised).

Aston Martin x Brough Superior AMB 001

Aston Martin/Brough Superior

The bike was originally scheduled to go into production at the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France in late 2020. A little extra time in the oven, even though it was partly due to a global pandemic, can be a good thing. The delay gave Aston Martin and Brough Superior more time to test the bike on the track and ensure it was able to hit all its targets.

“We are pleased to have met our performance targets, with 183 horsepower and a dry weight of 408 pounds. AMB 001 is an original track bike that awakens the senses and delivers performance. . .” Thierry Henriette, president of Brough Superior, said in a statement. “The characteristic turbo hiss completes the unique presence of this extraordinary motorcycle.”

Aston Martin DBX SUV and Aston Martin x Brough Superior AMB 001

Aston Martin DBX SUV and Aston Martin x Brough Superior AMB 001

Aston Martin/Brough Superior

Aston Martin says the first 30 AMB 001 bikes have been delivered to customers around the world, including Japan, Australia and North America. About 100 examples of the $108,000 two-wheeler will be built in total, of which 90 have been announced, according to the brand. If you want to register for one of the final 10, you can register your interest here.

And whether you have one or not, you’ll probably get to see it in action at some point. It’s hard to imagine that one won’t appear in a James Bond movie at some point. It’s an Aston Martin, after all.

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