Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: $ 2,100 electric bike for four people

Nat King Cole may have passed out Daisy on his bike built for two, but it’s not a practical family vehicle. What happens when you have a few rugrats and need to transport the whole brood? Then it’s time to switch to a bike designed for four. And I found exactly what it takes for the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week of the Week.

I love a tandem electric bike as much as the next guy.

I even found an affinity for electric bikes for three people. A little cycle at three, if you will.

But four people? Now it’s the party!

I had hoped to find a traditional two-wheeled electric bike with four seats, but apparently the whole stiffness issue means few engineers want to take on that kind of responsibility.

Instead, we got ourselves a four-wheeled four-seater, surrey style!

And I have no doubts that this is the quintessential family vehicle, ready to replace just about any van or SUV.

So you know how when you drive your kids around town and they’re just sitting in the back with nothing to bring? (I guess I don’t have any children of my own, at least as far as I know.)

Well, what if instead of just taking up space, those little moochers on the back could really help ?!

Just put them to work, pedal and rocket the family auto surrey electric bike. You are the one who pays for these snack packs; you might as well take advantage of all that kid fuel.

Come on, it’s good for them! Besides, it’s not like they have to pedal this hard. There is a 1500W motor in one of those rear wheels that will do the heavy lifting. Anyone could pretty much mimic the pedal and the effect would be almost the same.

Running on a 60V system, this four-person electric bike-car appears to have a pretty powerful setup. And with a 32 Ah battery of just 2 kWh, the Thing even gets a reported range of 80 km (50 miles). The battery is an old-fashioned lead-acid pack, unfortunately. But that’s nothing that a few hundred dollars and a few minutes on Amazon can’t fix. While you’re at it, you might as well get some cheap solar panels to throw over!

There is even a feature hidden in this fun mobile. I thought it was only a four person e-bike, but there are actually two child seats in the front to stow another couple of small passengers. However, I have to question the location of these seats. Placed directly in front of the driver, they seem to perform a dual function of making sure that restless toddlers obstruct the driver’s vision as much as possible, then are the most poorly thought-out crumple zone ever during the inevitable. accident they cause.

But the front baby bumper isn’t the only safety feature found on this thing. You also get old fashioned headlights and not one but two brakes! Both rear wheels are equipped with drum brakes, which hopefully are enough to stop this 190 kg (419 lb) family wagon.

What did I tell you? The perfect family vehicle!

Okay, so that might not be the best way to get kids to school. But it would definitely be one of the most unique.

And while you’re killing time while waiting for school to finish, you’ve got a whole new career on your hands by renting your wheels to vacationing tourists. This thing practically pays for itself. Which is good, because you’ll have to shell out over $ 2,145 for the contraption. Although, as I learned when I bought an electric mini truck from Alibaba, there are several more charges you should expect along the way before it finally arrives at your doorstep.

Although I’ve bought a few of my weird finds from Alibaba in the past, I’m going to have to sit down on this one. But if someone decides to pull the trigger on a four-person electric bike, I call shotgun!

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