Bairnsdale Speedway season kicks off this Sunday night: join us for the fun

This Sunday evening, Bairnsdale Speedway begins its 2021/22 season with a Boxing Night special that features Sprintcars, Division 2 Hot Rods, Junior Standard Saloons and Standard Saloons competing. There will be nearly seventy racing drivers in action with the Sprintcars headlining while thirty standard sedans have entered to secure valuable track time with their Victorian title set for the site in March.

In the Sprintcar action, Adam Greenwood, who won two weeks ago at Ballarat, leads the battlefield. With around 600 horses, the “Kings with Wings” illuminate all the sites on which they participate. Greenwood will face his teammate Alistair Bastian, third two weeks ago, Shane Steenholdt, Mark Noonan, David McKay, Justin Barton and Dillon Siely.

Expect the Sprintcars to round the dirt track in thirteen and a half to fourteen and a half seconds per lap with spectacular glides through the corners. For many competitors, who are local to East Gippsland, this gives bragging rights until next time.

A stellar team in standard sedans will see Morwell brothers Shane and Daniel Stewart, who are currently Victoria’s number one and three drivers, face an overwhelming number of potential winners. Jeff Blencowe is from Bunyip, Leigh Gooding from Yinnar, Mark and Chris Miles from Catani, Col and Jack Yeomans from Moe, Bradley Hill from Drouin, Kacey Ingram from Warragul, Jacob Vuillermin from Traralgon, and they will face a crowd of The Bairnsdale Pilots. including Josh Thomas who was in pole position two weeks ago, also at Ballarat and is also very hard to beat at the Granite Rock site of the Speedway.

Our Division 2 Hot Rod contestants have already had two meetings this season with local Bairnsdale member Trent Wilson, who won three weeks ago at Nyora. Troy Hutchison is in the lineup after winning in November at Nyora as well while Booby Devine has stepped on the podium at both meetings and will be in Bairnsdale. Leigh Mitchell, Daniel Angus and Rob Tatterson are just a few in the lineup who will be looking to put pressure on Wilson, Hutchison and Devine’s top three so far this season.

The race night is rounded off by the grounds of the Junior Standard Saloon with an impressive roster of future stars already making people sit down and pay attention. Nathan Miles and Hunter Carey have both come out ahead during the events of Nyora so far. Add in Smith Boys Blake and Kaine having their first run of the season and local Bairnsdale rider Beau Stuchbery and the action should be reflected up front between these junior heroes.

With a 5:30 p.m. start on race night, entry to either of these two events with Eftpos available costs $ 25 for an adult, retirees aged $ 15, children aged 12-16 $ 8 each while all other children are free. A family ticket for two adults and two children aged 12 to 16 costs $ 60. We have sight catering with Eftpos in the canteen, and you can bring your own alcohol.

We are obligated to comply regardless of the current Covid conditions at the time of the event, but it is safe to say that you will only attend if you are double vaccinated and can prove it through the Victoria Services app.

You can find our trail at 120 Deptford Road as you head down Great Alpine Road, we are located in Granite Rock. On race days only, if you have a question you can call 0458 617 910. We encourage you to stay in touch with what’s going on on our social media platforms.

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Shane Steenholdt – 5
Jack Van Bremen – 16
Koby Noonan – 26
Michael Evans – 28
Adam Greenwood – 35
Mark Noonan – 42
Kyle Stathopoulos – 44
Brett Maxwell – 45
Roddy Dennison – 51
Nigel Laity – 53
Alistair Bastian – 55
Ethan Bastian – 64
David McKay – 83
Justin barton – 86
Dillon Siely – 87
Trent Nielsen – 88

Leigh Mitchell – Victoria 2
Daniel Angus – Victoria 3
Bobby Devine – Rosedale 6
Trent Wilson – Bairnsdale 10
Rob Tatterson – Moe 11
Peter Disher – Moe 12
Kane Gibson – Moe 18
Kevin Hays – Rosedale 19
Troy Hutchison – Rosedale 74

Blake Smith – Moe 10
Kaine Smith – Moe 11
Nathan Miles – Nyora 12
Jack Braz – Rosedale 14
Nathalya Westwood – Rosedale 28
Sharni Stuchbery – Bairnsdale 32
Tasharni Murray – Drouin 48
Deon Fyfe – Bairnsdale 69
Beau Stuchbery – Bairnsdale 72
Oscar Oliver-Peel – Bairnsdale 75
Hunter Carey – Drouin 95

Shane Stewart – Victoria 1
Daniel Stewart – Victoria 3
Johnny Watson – Drouin 4
Jeff Blencowe – Drouin 9
Ash Fyfe – Rosedale 9
Leigh Gooding – Rosedale 11
Mark Miles – Nyora 12
Jack Yeomans – Rosedale 12
Josh Cormack – Bairnsdale 13
Matt Davis – Nyora 14
Chris Miles – Nyora 18
Aaron Cormack – Bairnsdale 19
Aaron Laidlaw – Rosedale 23
Col Yeomans – Rosedale 24
Nick Harnett – Rosedale 29
Alan Ward – Rosedale 31
Bradley Hill – Nyora 36
Kacey Ingram – Nyora 43
Darwyn Lee – Drouin 45
Steve Dadswell – Bairnsdale 47
Anthony Murray – Drouin 48
Josh Thomas – Bairnsdale 50
Stephen Overton – Bairnsdale 51
Jack Wharton – Bairnsdale 57
Jacob Vuillermin – Rosedale 59
Shaun Cormack – Bairnsdale 62
Tim McKenzie – Wangaratta 65
Scott Chippindall – Bairnsdale 75
Nigel Frew – Bairnsdale 76
Garry Charles – Rosedale 79
Clinton Geer – Bairnsdale 80
Justin Smith – Moe 93
Don Fyfe – Bairnsdale 96

End of liberation.

Press release written by Speedcafe contributor – DMT Sports Media / Dean Thompson

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