Batman Concept Art Shows New Take On Bruce’s Drifter Disguise

A recently released piece of concept art for The Batman shows Robert Pattinson’s “drifter” disguise, which he uses to watch over the streets of Gotham.

A recently released piece of concept art has given fans a different new look at Robert Pattinson’s “drifter” disguise from The Batman. With its recent digital release, The Batman reached massive at-home audiences, with more than 720,000 US households streaming the film on its first day of release on HBO Max. That’s on top of the film already grossing $752 million at the worldwide box office, making it the highest-grossing film of the year so far.

Decidedly different in his approach to how he chose to portray the iconic DC character, director Matt Reeves offered audiences a unique take on Bruce Wayne. Departing from the billionaire playboy audiences know best, Reeves envisioned Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne as a reclusive loner obsessed with his crime-fighting experience. Reeves even went so far as to suggest that he used late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain as a major inspiration for his unique take on the character.

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Bruce Wayne’s isolation certainly wasn’t the only starting point for his cinematic counterparts. In The Batman, he is often depicted out of his Batman costume and is instead disguised as a wanderer to allow him to engage in covert surveillance of the crime-filled streets of Gotham City. Designer recently Adam Brockbank took to Instagram to share a new piece of concept art giving fans a better look at this disguise, as envisioned by the film’s costume designer Jacqueline Duran. The image shows Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne leaning against his motorcycle on the rain-drenched streets of Gotham. Check out the illustrations below:

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Taking place only during Bruce Wayne’s second year of crimefighting, much of his gear in The Batman is decidedly less advanced than that used by its cinematic predecessors. From his hand-sewn hood to the muscle car version of the Batmobile, all of his tools and equipment looked like materials he had built or modified himself rather than relying on the vast resources of Wayne Enterprises. The use of his “wanderer” disguise was also a key part of this, showing his need to rely only on himself to carry out his nighttime scouting missions as he roamed the streets of Gotham.

It will be interesting to see if the plans for a potential sequel offer audiences the chance to see their gear evolve further. In the Nolan movies, Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne was helped by Morgan Freeman’s Lucius Fox to develop much of his crime-fighting gear, and while it seems Pattinson’s Batman would be far less likely to ask for a outside help, his continued evolution into Gotham’s greatest detective may involve taking others into his confidence. Whether he continues to go it alone or has other people to help him, it should be interesting to see what Bruce Wayne’s continued journey looks like for the next episode of The Batman.

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Source: Adam Brockbank

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