Bozzo’s Ossa electric bike concept sounds like a good idea. Could end up being the worst

A young mind dabbling in urban mobility is Arnau Bozzo, a product designer and photographer from Barcelona, ​​Spain, and like most up-and-coming design geniuses, Bozzo had the inspiration for this next vehicle.

What you are looking at is known as the Ossa e-Bike Concept. Ossa, Ossa … where have I heard that name before? Oh yes, it is this Spanish motorcycle manufacturer who built iron horses from 1924 to 1982. And again from 2010 to 2015, finally absorbed by Gas Gas and did not go beyond the merger with Torrot Group. So today the only way to see new Ossa is through conceptual renderings and designs like the one you see here.

Now the Ossa electric bike appears to be an adaptation of classic Ossa vehicles and features. Why adapt? Well, even though this design is meant to be an electric bike, there are a number of Ossa design elements included. A specific example is the lack of a pedal, which makes this “electric bike” not so much like a bicycle. Maybe the designer meant an electric bicycle like an electric motorcycle (bicycle).

However, if we analyze the overall design, the Ossa does not stand up to the dimensions and power of electric motorcycles. Take the motor for example, it is a mid-mounted motor that is integrated into the slim frame of the bike. Compared to other engines on the market, it looks slightly larger than the type of products Bosch offers, but smaller than the electric motorcycle components.

Speaking of components, because the designer created this machine with the idea that it is an earth crusher, in order to do this, Bozzo had to make sure that the design could handle the rugged mountainous terrain, but at the same time, express some design cues of Ossa motorcycles.

The first one that’s right there and in your face is the seat. Like most off-road motorcycles, a long, elongated mudguard suitable for off-road use is also part of the design. However, one thing I’ve never seen on a bike or motorbike is this awesome upward curve that the fender has.

The only conclusion I can take from this idea is that the fender can act as a kind of backrest that a rider can lean against, helping to relieve fatigue. With this lack of pedals, I don’t know how much fatigue a cyclist will feel.

The front of the bike also feels pretty sturdy and uses a telescopic fork that looks like it was ripped off a mountain bike. Another mudguard, this time of a much more normal design, covers the front wheel and keeps the components safe from any debris.

The last specs that tell me this bike is meant for lighter use are the brakes. Honestly, if a bike has a big motor and is meant to tackle mountain terrain, bigger brakes should have been on the list.

As it stands, the designer doesn’t mention any details about the bike, but to power the Ossa a battery is definitely needed. Hidden in the upper segment of the frame, a built-in battery pack can be spotted, but the range or even the capacity is absolutely not mentioned.

At present, this design has not left the rendering stages. However, if we’ll ever see this version of an Ossa on the streets, I highly doubt it. Not that an e-bike couldn’t be designed to look and function like the vehicle you see here, but there are some features that can just put off potential buyers.

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