Casey Putsch unveils his complete garage collection

For those of us with a dream garage, a list of sports cars that we organize and put in place in the event of a sudden lottery win, it could remain a dream.

But for Casey Putsch, racer (for Legacy Autosport), car fan and philanthropic director of Genius Garage — an educational springboard for aspiring graduates looking to get into motorsport — he already has a dream garage.

Today, thanks to his channel on YouTube via his Casey’s Cars series, we get a glimpse of the type of vehicles he’s managed to stock over the years and what he’s been working on.

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Casey Putsch’s Garage Has All The Cars You Would Need

There’s a lot of cool stuff going on in Casey’s barn – which is actually split into two parts, one that houses Genius Garage company vehicles and the other that’s mostly for his personal projects and his workshop.

It’s not all cars, firstly there is a selection of cool motorcycles in his collection: he acquired at auction a 1960s Ducati 350cc race bike, a 1981 Ducati 900cc – this time from South Africa , and he also owns a Triumph Thruxton 900cc motorcycle.

One of the craziest things he owns is just hanging from the roof, a mini jet that looks like the one used in a James Bond movie and is probably still running, although it looks like you’d need some guts to enter there and take to the heavens.

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Casey’s garage has a car for every type of person

Dodge the Viper
Via: YouTube via Casey Putsch

As we walk around, we see two Dodge Vipers, a 1992 RT/10 and a blue-striped one, and a replica of the 1970 Lancia Stratos HF Zero prototype. With a BMW V12 inside, Casey says he takes thousands of hours to get to this point and it will take many more to complete.

There’s a Lotus T125 Exosphere Formula 1-inspired race car that was rolling on Top Gear – it took the title of one of the TV show’s fastest cars, and it looks fast even sitting down parked.

Elsewhere, a 1,250lb Group C car with a 257hp 4-cylinder Nissan engine, a Formula 1 hot-rod with a Hayabusa engine and a Riley MKXXII Daytona prototype built with a 740hp BMW V10 are also parked, as well as an Alfa Romeo GTV6.

The 2012 Omega car is an ongoing project, born out of a desire to create a mass-produced car that goes against the usual problems of normal cars – takes less energy to build, is more environmentally friendly and could be recycled to finish it; it uses a turbo-diesel engine and can easily reach 80 mpg.

That’s a lot of projects and a lot of cars to maintain, but we wouldn’t complain about that.

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