Check out this Yamaha TY-E 2.0 electric trial bike

It is a fact that electric vehicles will never be able to replicate the experience of gasoline-powered machines. But that hasn’t stopped automakers from trying to bridge the gap between EVs and gas-powered vehicles on what “fun” means. In the world of two wheels, Yamaha has taken a strong interest in it with its FUN x EV development program.

The 2018 TY-E trail bike is the result of this carbon neutral project. Yamaha has launched an EV into a racing segment that is still not ready to part ways with two-stroke machines. But Yamaha is determined to make electric vehicles fun and so has unveiled the 2022 TY-E 2.0. Successor to the TY-E, this all-electric trail bike is refined and updated with a new, denser battery and a more ergonomic layout.

With an extremely lightweight character and the instant torque of an electric motor, the TY-E 2.0 could finally catch the attention of hardcore trail riders. Although it is a prototype, for now Yamaha has said that its electric trail machine will compete in the 2022 FIM Trial World Championship.

The 2022 TY-E 2.0 electric trail bike is Yamaha’s way of adding more fun to electric mobility.

A fitting upgrade for the 2018 Yamaha TY-E

2018 Yamaha TY-E front third quarter view

Yamaha dove in early to make electric vehicles more fun with the TY-E electric trail bike in 2018. It was designed with the idea of ​​bridging the gap between gas-powered fun and the coming electric future. With a lightweight chassis and hydraulic clutch assisted electric motor to utilize instant torque.

Yamaha TY-E 2.0 electric trials bike side view

And now they’ve improved that formula and launched its successor – the TY-E 2.0. It gets a complete overhaul across the board based on what Yamaha learned with the TY-E’s participation in the 2018 FIM Trial E-Cup and more.

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New battery, more power and modified layout equals more “electric” fun

Yamaha TY-E 2.0 Electric Trial Bike Battery Design View

Yamaha has improved the Li-Ion battery by making it 2.5 times denser for more fun on the trails. In addition, the electric motor which is connected to a hydraulically operated wet multi-plate clutch has been improved with reduced traction of moving components.

Yamaha TY-E 2.0 Electric Trials Bike rear third quarter view

The battery and power pack are now lower in the revised composite monocoque frame to lower the center of gravity. The frame is now X-shaped for more rigidity as well. And despite all those tweaks, the battery only added 20% weight, for a curb weight of around 154.32 pounds (70 kg).

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Yamaha TY-E 2.0 will participate in the FIM Trial World Championship

The Yamaha TY-E 2.0 electric trials bike looks cool and minimal

Unfortunately, the TY-E 2.0 remains a prototype and cannot be purchased yet. But just like its predecessor, Yamaha’s upgraded e-trail bike is set to compete in the 2022 FIM Trial World Championship. Its development rider – Kenichi Kuroyama will continue in the saddle and perfect this e-trail bike. The FIM Trials World Championship is scheduled for June 2022. We just hope that Yamaha releases a commercial version of this machine. Because we want to have fun with this bad boy couple on the trails!


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