Corvette-based competition Carbon C120R wants to be a Cadillac Cien

We suspect that at least a few people have thought about a new Cadillac supercar since the Corvette C8 launched. Wouldn’t this be the first time Cadillac has offered a luxury performance machine with ‘Vette’ ties, and who could forget the 2002 Cadillac Cien mid-engined concept car? It looks like a new Corvette-based Caddy supercar would be a no-brainer, but alas, nothing is in the works.

The folks at Competition Carbon don’t want to wait any longer. Specializing in body kits for Corvettes, this aftermarket company is getting a bit more ambitious with a new project called the C120R. The bones of this proposed supercar are still those of a Corvette C8, but the bodywork is brand new. In an Instagram ad in November, the company revealed a frontal image while specifically referencing the Cadillac Cien as the inspiration for its design. In subsequent articles, Competition Carbon even says that production Cadillac taillights are used.

If you know the Cadillac Cien, you’ll know that it featured a special Northstar V12 engine tucked away behind the driver. While the renderings show a very C8 Z06 center-exit exhaust system, Competition Carbon claims that the pipes from the C120R will be connected to a V12 just like the Caddy.

In fact, it will be powered by Toyota using the 12-cylinder 1GZ-FE borrowed from the Toyota Century. It seems like an odd choice for a bold supercar, but renderings showing a custom intake manifold for the engine suggest it won’t be a simple engine swap.

It is important to note that at this time all of our information on the C120R comes only from the many Instagram posts of Carbon Competition. The car is still in development, although Carbon Competition says it is production ready with body panels being printed. The ultimate plan is to get it ready for the SEMA 2022 show, although it’s unclear whether the car will be offered as a Corvettes body upgrade or in limited production as a self-driving vehicle.

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