Cycle path on its way to the dangerous street below Prospect Park

BROOKLYN, NY – A protected bike path will be quickly put in place on one of the borough’s most dangerous lanes for cyclists under Prospect Park, in response to the Department of Transportation.

Transportation officers said on Friday they would begin installing a motorcycle lane and other safety improvements on Parkside Avenue this month, finally bringing a home dedicated to the more than 400 cyclists who use the route every day. .

The implementation comes a year after the DOT first introduced a motorcycle track on the road, which is in Brooklyn’s third most dangerous lane for cyclists.

This is certainly one of the many streets used for the city’s Open Streets packages throughout the coronavirus disaster that will likely benefit from improved safety.

“Parkside Ave Open Streets’ COVID response revealed a high demand for opportunities for safe biking and walking,” the DOT said in a presentation last year.

The upgrades will include a two-way bicycle lane protected from visitors by a parking lane to the road between Park Circle and Ocean Avenue. The track will likely be protected by a barrier as it approaches Ocean Avenue and may be transferred off-road near the Park Circle intersection, in response to the plans.

Authorities could even improve pedestrian access to Prospect Park Peristyle and add pedestrian islands at St. Pauls and Parade Place, according to plans.

The bike path is definitely one of the many lanes coming up in the blocks under Prospect Park.

Transportation officials are also preparing to build a “bicycle boulevard” on 21st Street and cycle paths to 20th Street, 19th Street and a section of 10th Avenue, in response to the plans.

On Parkside Avenue, the adjustments are aimed at improving street safety issues. Between 2014 and 2018, there were 157 accidents on Parkside Avenue, including six where someone was seriously injured, according to reports.

A street study found that more than 424 cyclists used the street in 12 hours on a weekday, an amount that increased by another 30 cyclists on weekends.

Here is an overview of the road maps:

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