Did you know? Darshan borrowed Golden Ganesh’s motorbike to meet the producers of ‘Majestic’ | Kannada Movie News

Challenging Star Darshan fans are all gearing up for a special treat. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the ‘Majestic’, the film will be reissued for a short period and will once again delight the public. And in that vein, the ‘Majestic’ team have released a series of videos/interviews to shed light on the making of the cult film and share some endearing behind-the-scenes stories.

Interestingly, the name of Golden Star Ganesh appears as Darshan describes how the great opportunity came for him. Revealing that he was far from the superstar he is today and that he was at the height of his difficult phase before the arrival of “Majestic”, Darshan shares a small incident which shows that his connection with Ganesh goes back a long time.

“I got a call from the film’s cinematographer and a friend Anaji Nagaraj on an odd day who asked me to go to a lodge to meet the makers of ‘Majestic’. I was new to the town at the time and I had no way to travel either – I told Anaji that I will get through this somehow and it was Gani (Ganesh) who loaned me his motorbike at the time. I think he had a red colored Suzuki Samurai at the time and it was on this same motorbike that I was going to reach the place and meet my future director PN Sathya (sic)” , shares Darshan in the video.

The rest, as they say, is history as Darshan’s meeting with the director and producers would lead to him instantly scoring his first mega role. Spotting his commanding presence, co-producer Ramesh would instantly decide that Darshan would play the lead role in “Majestic” and thus invite one of the greatest careers in Kannada film history.

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