Dodge Direct Connection performance parts program brings Hellcat Redeye to 885 hp

In November, Dodge announced plans for a line of performance parts under the Direct Connect program, an aftermarket and aftermarket program first introduced by Chrysler in 1974 to offer factory upgrades for Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth cars.

Last week we finally got a feel for what parts Dodge fans can expect from the modern Direct Connection program. As expected, there are parts for the transmission, powertrain, and suspension, including various stages from mild to wild.

The first set of parts announced by Dodge is designed for various Challenger models dating from the 2015 model year. In total, there are 14 kits comprising various parts for the Challenger, and 13 kits for the special Challenger Mopar Drag Pak dragstrip.

The most powerful of these kits is a Stage II kit for the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye. It brings the power of the car’s 6.2-liter supercharged V8 to 885 hp and 787 lb-ft of torque, from the original 807 hp and 717 lb-ft.

The main mods include a digital controller that plugs into the OBD-II port and can be used to adjust performance levels via a touchscreen. There’s also a 3.17-inch engine pulley borrowed from the even more powerful Hellephant supercharged V8.

Speaking of the Hellephant, the 1,000-horsepower crate engine is also available through the Direct Connection program, as well as the Hellcat Redeye V-8, the regular 717-horsepower Hellcat V-8, the 392 Hemi V-8 from 485 horsepower and the Hemi 345 V8 of 383 horsepower.

Helléphant crate engine

For those used to the drag racer, there is a full body in white that can be used to build a custom drag racer. There are also NHRA Factory Stock competition approved engines and several safety upgrades including a seat kit and headrest kit. There are also graphics packages available to make a vehicle stand out.

All the available parts are detailed in a catalog which can be downloaded from the Dodge website (a paper version will be available for purchase next spring). It includes all the information on prices as well as examples of versions suitable for several budgets.

Importantly, the parts falling under the direct connect program do not override any emissions regulations. They are also warranted when installed by an authorized dealer, known as Dodge Power Broker. The Dodge Power Brokers dealer network will officially open its doors next spring. Locations will be available on the Dodge website at that time.

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