Double whiskers are now a thing and we can’t look away

The world of men’s grooming is like the Old West: uneventful for the most part, but sometimes something pops up that scares you half to death. While we can’t say we’ve seen as many hairstyling and grooming trends as women have, it seems when something attracts us, we cherish that style and get over it until we die. This is the reason why adult men always sport mules favored by people like Billy Ray Cyrus as he sang, “Don’t break my heart, my heart aching” and why others prefer the elaborate routine presented. by the infamous Patrick Bateman in American psychosis.

While grooming preferences are a subjective choice, most of them tend to reflect something about the environment we grew up in or the social circles we have. But for the latest grooming trend, we can’t help but wonder how such a thing came about and why people love it. Enter the double mustache.

The mustache has long reigned supreme as the OG of facial hair. For some, it is a marker of maturity, pride and deep respect. Just look Hot rod and the desperation that descended on Rod when he struggled to cultivate one (“You know I have a hormonal disorder!). But it seems the male population of mustache wearers is not content with it. of one, but rather wants two. And so was born the trend of double mustaches, a trend that sees people grow a second mustache under the mouth, or even sometimes with both tucked in above. of the lip.

As far as trends go, it’s odd and we can only blame lockdown-induced boredom as the culprit for such a thing. Some men have gone all out with their second mustache, and it seems like this is a trend that can be done with varying degrees of effort, from those who have gone long and wild, to others who are delicately curled and manicured.

The double mustache is just the latest disturbing trend to emerge in men’s grooming. Before that there was the monkey tail beard, an alarming trend that has seen guys groom the beard and mustache in such a way that it looked like a monkey tail snaking along a paw, jaw, then along the chin before curling up to the side of the mouth, before ending above the upper lip. Why would people do such a thing? We do not know. Please don’t try this at home.

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