Edible racing wheels? This mold allows you to pour your own chocolate wheel

Have you ever wanted to eat the wheels of your car or bike? A new product launched by a Japanese craft company in partnership with BBS Motorsport will appeal to oil enthusiasts who also have a sweet tooth. A set of chocolate molds launched by the companies, called Hanagata by 4Design, allows you to mold your own BBS racing wheels entirely from chocolate.

BBS chocolate wheel molds are made of aluminum and fit together like puzzle pieces to create a box. The combo mold box is approximately 3 inches wide and 4 inches high. Once the box is assembled, melted chocolate can be poured into it, which can be removed once the chocolate has hardened. The resulting chocolate wheel treats come with a BBS logo in the center and weigh around 40g.

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4Design also plans to start a limited number of experience sessions at its Factory Art Museum in Takaoka City, where it will allow customers to experience the joy of founding their own chocolate wheel. The Japanese company is also exploring the possibility of opening a limited experience session at the BBS Wheel Owner Club.

With the introduction of Hanagata, BBS and 4Design hope to bring attention to the casting mold used in the industrial manufacturing process that most end users don’t really know or seem to ignore. Although the casting mold is an important part of the manufacturing process, consumers never tend to overlook it.

BBS Chocolate Wheel Casting Mold will bring the manufacturing experience to oil tankers when they spend time tempering, pouring and molding a chocolate wheel. It will also help them understand and appreciate the industrial process of casting wheels into molds. And what could be more fun than letting them do the wheels and also eat them.

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