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John Randall Enholm left this earth on February 5, in his sleep, after spending an epic day with his friends and family. John has always considered Santa Barbara his home but moved to Paso Robles about 5 years ago. He left too soon.
John was born in Washington DC, January 22, 1959, but moved to Santa Barbara before starting school. Like all of us who were lucky enough to grow up in Santa Barbara in the 60s and 70s, he had a great childhood, attending Vieja Valley, La Colina, and San Marcos high schools. A gifted athlete and water man, John excelled in youth sports and, as an adult, in surfing and tennis. The youngest of four brothers, his brothers like to think they had something to do with John’s success, but John did it “his own way”.
John graduated from UC San Diego where he majored in history and played on the volleyball team. He preferred two-man beach volleyball where his ability to jump and smash almost anything made him fun to watch. John studied history because he was fascinated by people. His studies provided him with an excuse to spend months in Europe, borrow a motorbike, and do things like tour Norman World War II sites, with the motorbike owner’s daughter on the back.
John married the love of his life, Nancy Leslie, in 1989 in Cabo San Lucas, long before destination weddings became a thing. Like John, he met Kevin Costner at the bar and was invited to go deep sea fishing the next day. He turned Kevin down not because he had wedding party responsibilities. That wouldn’t have deterred John (“Ah, Ah, I think we can turn back time”). He turned it down because he had no idea who Kevin was.
The next chapter in John’s life was raising their 3 children to enjoy life as much as he did. A man of letters from San Marcos Royal, John, was proud to see his eldest son play tennis for his alma mater. He then went green and gold becoming an active Santa Barbara Don booster. He was always there to support his children in each of their chosen sports – tennis, football and diving. If a fundraising event needed a cook or a bartender, John was there.
He was very happy to see his family growing up with the children of his childhood friends and carrying on his traditions of friendship. John has had a varied career, including a long stint in mortgage banking; but he was willing to work hard for almost anything. More recently, he was a paint estimator and supervised paint crews. This job fit perfectly.
In addition to Nancy, John is survived by his mother, Wilma Grise and his brothers; Bob (Vicky Brademan), Bill (Jennie) and Jim (Cristin) and her stepsisters; Robin Stieber and Joan McGraw. He is also survived by his children; Travis, Russell and Nina and his brothers’ children; Allison Stalla (Zeid), Hayley Harper Swarbrick (Andrew), Casey Salas (Greg), Kyle Enholm and Malaina Enholm. John was predeceased by his father Robert W. Enholm, stepmother Diane B. Enholm, stepfather Richard F. Grise, MD, and stepbrother Robert C. Kohler III.
John leaves many, many friends and relatives who miss him dearly and his enthusiasm for almost everything. He lives in their stories and their memories. A celebration of life is scheduled for March 26 in Santa Barbara. For more information, contact billenholm@gmail.com.

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