Every cameo in Andy Samberg’s mock 7 Days in Hell documentary

7 Days In Hell is a mock documentary about an epic tennis match between players played by Kit Harrington and Andy Samberg, and here’s every cameo.

Here are all the celebrity cameos featured in the mock documentary Andy Samberg / Kit Harrington 7 days in hell. Samberg is part of The Lonely Island comedy trio – alongside Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone – who quickly rose to prominence thanks to their music videos. They then moved to Saturday Night Live and were responsible for SNL digital shorts like “I’m On A Boat”, “Motherlover”, “Like A Boss” and many more. As well as being catchy songs in their own right, their backing videos often featured cameos from Justin Timberlake, Seth Rogen, and – perhaps most famous – Natalie Portman.

This led Samberg to star in some films, including the future cult favorite. Hot rod and Adam Sandler missed This is my boy. Samberg went on to play Detective Jake Peralta in Brooklyn nine-nine, revolving around the exploits of the incumbent and dysfunctional police station. The show became a surprise hit and will ultimately last for eight seasons. Over the years, Samberg has also appeared on several specials, including The Gifts of Lonely Island: The Bash Brothers Unauthorized Experience and HBO 7 days in hell.

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This mock documentary centers around a fictional match between two rival tennis players, with Samberg’s Aaron Williams being the bad boy in the sport while Kit Harrington’s Charles Poole is an extremely talented but slow-witted prodigy. The documentary traces this “infamous” match, where the two clash fiercely for seven days, which ends badly for the two men. Along with Kit Harrington and Andy Samberg, this special is also full of cameos from actors and sports figures. Here are all of the major guest appearances below.

7 Days in Hell Michael Sheen

  • Karen Gillan (Lily Allsworth)
  • David Copperfield (himself)
  • Michael Sheen (Caspian Wint)
  • Soledad O’Brien (herself)
  • Serena Williams (herself)
  • Howie Mandel (Prince Edward)
  • John McEnroe (himself)
  • Fred Armisen (Edward Pudding)
  • Will Forte (Sandy Pickard)
  • Chris Evert (herself)
  • Jim Lampley (himself)
  • Lena Dunham (Lanny Denver)
  • Filip Hammar (himself)

7 days in hell features a mix of actual sports characters commenting on the match while several actors and comedians appear as fictional characters related to Poole and Williams. Karen Gillan makes a short but memorable appearance as a model linked to the two, while Serena Williams plays Williams’ sister from Samberg, who in the documentary has been adopted by her family. Howie Mandal wears an incredible Prince Edward wig – which Williams assaults in a game where he too accidentally killed a man with a tennis serve – but actor Michael Sheen steals the special in his short appearance as the spooky British host.

While not technically a cameo, an old TV interview with Dolph Lundgren speaking in Swedish is used in a scene where Williams escapes from prison. 7 days in hell himself was well received on its original airing in 2015, especially for Harrington’s endearing comedy turn as Poole.

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