GAC MOTOR Russia “GO AND CHANGE” brand strategy

GUANGZHOU, China, July 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – GAC MOTOR Embraces Change Through Innovation: Its experts are constantly exploring and using new technologies, to build end cars with entirely new capabilities that can lead us into the future. Life cannot move forward without change.

Created for Russia

Russian operating conditions are far from ideal for vehicles. GAC specialists carefully studied the nuances of work in difficult climatic conditions, and adapted cars for use in the Russian market, with a reinforced car chassis, an engine with increased power and a smart gearbox, which itself adjusts the operating modes to the road. areas. All these conditions create maximum comfort while driving.

This is what GO AND CHANGE means for GAC MOTOR Russia: to use technology, research and design to deliver an intelligent and tailor-made driving experience. GO AND CHANGE according to market needs; GO AND CHANGE the customer’s driving experience for the better.


GAC MOTOR pays great attention to developments in the automotive industry and favors technological innovation. Its aim is to make the modern and intelligent car affordable, by introducing the most important and necessary new technologies in everyday life. The GAC Group has invested in R&D, ensuring that innovative developments are at the heart of vehicles coming off the assembly line. GAC specialists continually improve vehicle performance with innovations in engine systems, while maintaining and improving fuel efficiency with smart fuel economy designs.


At the heart of GAC MOTOR’s philosophy of “Chinese craftsmanship” is to ensure safety and reliability through state-of-the-art products.

GAC’s research laboratories place particular emphasis on improving the safety of drivers and passengers. GAC MOTOR cars are equipped with the most modern driver assistance technology: BOSCH 9.1 directional stability system, tire pressure monitoring system, electric parking brake with automatic hold function and systems passive safety overheads that offer protection on several levels, to name a few.


A key factor in choosing a car is to look at its versatility and practicality. GAC MOTOR vehicles are equipped with everything: wireless device charging; a Harman-Kardon entertainment system and 10 speakers to enjoy your favorite music; spacious interiors, with the GS8 model available with up to 7 seats; a huge luggage compartment, which can be modified to have up to 860 liters of space. All these elements combine to create a daily life filled with maximum comfort.

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