Gas station boss rushed to hospital after being attacked by thug on motorbike as pump panic boiled over

An ESSENCE station boss said she was taken to hospital with a head injury after being racially assaulted and assaulted by a thug on a moped on a forecourt.

Nerali Patel, 38, feared for her life when she claims the six-foot-tall man hit her in the face with a gasoline nozzle and pushed her while repeatedly calling her a ” p ** i “during a horrific assault in Belsize Park, north London.


Nerali Patel said she feared for her life after being assaulted by a thug on a motorcycle
She said the rider hit her in the face and pushed her to the ground


She said the rider hit her in the face and pushed her to the ground
Nerali Patel served David Beckham at Haverstock Hill gas station, north London


Nerali Patel served David Beckham at Haverstock Hill gas station, north London

The little mother of two was pushed to the ground so hard her head could be seen bouncing off the ground in CCTV footage taken at pumps amid the energy chaos in the UK.

Passers-by intervened to stop the attack on the 5-foot-2 mechanic, who was concussed as a man was arrested at the scene just before 2 p.m. Sunday.

Surprisingly, the attack came less than two hours after Nerali was seen trying to break up a brawl on the forecourt when a moped driver threw a flying kick at another.

It comes as the gasoline pump chaos in Britain has entered a fifth day, with panicked drivers lining up overnight to refuel and Boris Johnson putting the military on standby to drive tankers.


Nerali, who served David Beckham at the BP station, said the rider turned violent after shutting down the gas supply at his station.

Nerali, from Croydon, south London, explained that the station was a designated site for priority fuel deliveries for emergency service vehicles, known as a designated petrol station.

She had asked her staff to shut down the station after running out of gas and placed bags over the gas nozzles when two mopeds came to her pump around 1:30 p.m.

She told The Sun: “I had already put the bags on the nozzles to show that there was no gas left.

With the other hand hit me in the face and pushed me and I immediately fell backwards, I hit my head and I slashed my hand

“He called me a fucking shit and said ‘I know you’re lying and you’ve got fuel, you’re a fucking bastard’.

“I had my back turned and I just said, ‘listen, this is the last moped, it’s been waiting for half an hour.’

“He continued to insult me. He then grabbed the nozzle and I explained to him that there is no point in being brutal with this nozzle because there is nothing in the tanks.

“Then he put the nozzle in my face saying, ‘I got it, you fucking fuckin’ and with the other hand hit me in the face and pushed me and I fell all over back, I hit my head and slashed my hand.

“Members of the public and staff came and there is a little scuffle, his bike had fallen, so he called the police saying that someone had overturned his bike.

“They just kind of held him back because he kept rushing towards me when I stood up.”


Nerali, mother of her five-year-old twin boy and daughter, continued: “He hit me first in the face, it was with the nozzle. He just saw a little Indian woman and he told himself that no matter what, I’ll take the fuel.

“It was when he attacked me with the nozzle that I was like ‘this is it, I have it now’, because it’s metal.

“It’s like a metal pole in his hand, at that point you think he puts me the wrong way.”

The man was arrested soon after – after he called the police when his bike was overturned while being held up by members of the public.


But the cops handcuffed him and put him in a police van after being informed of Nerali’s assault.

The spooky attack came just an hour and a half after she was seen, dressed in a pink top, in footage trying to smash mopeds that were scuffling.

She added: “It was a very bad day. They were fighting among themselves because one of the mopeds had skipped the line.

“The other mopeds stormed the forecourt to tackle it, and there was a little scuffle.

“I tried to calm the situation down, as did my manager. One of the moped guys did a flying kick.”

Speaking this morning, she said she had been at work for more than 24 straight hours without sleeping.

A tanker truck arrived at the gas station around 11 p.m. last night, with drivers immediately flocking to refuel and staff forced to continue working.

She added: “We have been working non-stop since Friday. We were coming home to sleep for a few hours and had to go back to work.

“It was stressful for us and we had no joy and were reluctant to put a cap on Saturday.


“It was just shocking to be honest with you. He was a big man, he wore a melmet and it was just me on my own, I wasn’t aggressive or rude.

“I went to A&E and they said ‘you won’t need stitches’.

“I probably had a concussion, I threw up afterwards and I have had a bad headache since yesterday.”

She was back at work on Monday to help her elderly parents Kirit, 72, and Painuka, 70, run the family business.

A Met Police spokesperson said: “Police were called at 1:48 pm Sunday, September 26 following reports that a man was assaulted at a gas station in Haverstock Hill, NW3. Agents were present.

“No injuries were reported.

“A man was arrested for assault and public order offense aggravated by racist motives. He was released under investigation.

“The investigations into the circumstances are ongoing.”

Less than two hours earlier, Nerali - seen in pink - tried to break up a fight between moed riders on the forecourt


Less than two hours earlier, Nerali – seen in pink – tried to break up a fight between moed riders on the forecourtCredit: @ CrimeLdn / Twitter
Drivers lined up overnight to refuel as Britain's gasoline and diesel chaos spread over a fifth day


Drivers lined up overnight to refuel as Britain’s gasoline and diesel chaos spread over a fifth dayCredit: Reuters
Brawl breaks out between moped drivers at London gas station as tensions erupt at pumps during fuel chaos

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