Giant launches Momentum e-bike sub-brand in the UK

The growing popularity of e-bikes has spawned a slew of affordable, utility-oriented e-bikes. Moving away from the strictly sporting and recreational aspect of cycling, these new electric bikes present themselves as viable alternatives to personal mobility, allowing users to go further, faster and in complete safety.

While many startups only gear up for this purpose, established cycling brands have the resources to create spin-off brands to meet this need. We saw it with Specialized, when it relaunched its Globe brand to meet the rapidly growing e-bike market. The same can be said of Giant, another leader in the global cycling industry.

Giant has launched its latest creation, a new bike brand focusing solely on e-bikes, for the UK market. Momentum, a Giant Group company, is an e-bike specialist that wants to promote life on two wheels to the general public by selling four different types of e-bikes. The Momentum line of e-bikes comes primarily as city-focused commuter bikes, with a step-over or step-over frame design, clean lines, and a mid-drive electric motor.

This new brand of electric bikes will be offered in stores and online (transactions and collection of bikes in collaboration with a local merchant) via the Momentum site. Momentum’s Transcend and Vida models cost £2,899 (about US$3,623). Momentum bikes don’t come cheap, but they make up for that with technology that produces some very stunning specs. Momentum machines are designed to showcase all the benefits of e-bikes, with a range of 170 kilometers (106 miles) and super-fast charging, with a 0-80% charge in just two hours.

Giant launches Momentum e-bike sub-brand in the UK

The bikes are also designed for everyday use, with easy disassembly, upright riding positions and 60Nm of climbing torque. that there is more to life than screen time and traffic jams. Whether you ride alone or with friends, we encourage you to take time to enjoy the freedom, fresh air, and feel-good vibes on a Momentum e-bike.

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