GoFundMe launched for Utungun farmer Mick Green after motorcycle crash – news of the area

Mick Green receives the attention of paramedics immediately after his motorcycle accident.

LOCAL Utungun farmer Mick Green is recovering in hospital after spending three days in intensive care following a motorcycle accident last weekend, November 27.

Matilda Brown, daughter of the owners of the Brown family farm of which Mick is the manager, has started a GoFundMe to support Mick’s family, his rehabilitation and his physiotherapy during his convalescence.

“Our hope for fundraising is that Mick can recover without the stress of finances while he is on the mend.

“Our family is doing what they can to help the Greens during this difficult time, but Mick has a long way to go to recover and will be out of work for over six months,” Matilda told News Of The Area.

“The funds raised will be used for Mick’s rehabilitation expenses and will help support his wife Deb and their four children, throughout his recovery until he can return to work.

“Right now he can’t even walk and anyone who knows Mick will understand what this whole situation has put him in.

“Mick is loved by many so I know the community of Macksville and Nambucca will not hesitate to help.

“They have been incredible support so far.”

Mick suffered serious injuries and at the moment he is in intensive care, lucky to be alive.

“He has a bruised heart, a broken collarbone, four broken ribs, four broken vertebrae and a broken neck. “

This will see him without work and without action for six months, during which he will spend a lot of time in the hospital, then in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

“Mick is not a reckless man, he loves to ride a bike and he is a very experienced rider, who wins competitions and uses him every day to herd cattle and do his job.

“It was not an accident at work, so he will not receive work compensation and Deb will not only have to care for his four children, but also help Mick recover.

“They will have very little money coming up, which is why I asked Deb if she would let me help her with some of the financial burden by setting up a GoFundMe page.

“Mick is a proud man, and maybe we could be in his bad books when he realizes we did it without his permission, but I’m willing to take that risk because he’s the kind of guy who wouldn’t hesitate to lend a hand or help someone in need.

See GoFundMe at https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-support-farmer-mick-and-his-family.


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