GTA Online things you need to buy to look like a rockstar

GTA: online allows players to be their person. Whether it’s a maniac in a clown mask who chases people on a moped with a golf club or an educated businesswoman who spends her time smuggling cars for silver.

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The beauty that comes from GTA: online is its ability to enable the uniqueness of each reader and the content they read. The game has been around for almost ten years and is a staple of the Grand Theft Auto franchise since its release with Auto grand theft 5. As Nickleback once sang, “We all want to be great rockstars,” and gaming can make that happen.


9 Super yacht, sail the cool

If owning an oversized, boastful boat doesn’t scream rockstar, then nothing will. The best way to splash out on this clash is on one of these giant ships, which comes with a captain to sail to whatever destination players request. If they want to be a light nuisance on Vespucci Beach, then that’s their right as a rockstar.

This super yacht has a helipad, a hot tub, and all booze players can drink before they pass out, and then some. It offers beautiful ocean and sunset views, as well as the calming knowing that crazy gamers are out of reach in the city.

8 Tattoos, Body Art

It would be hard to find a rockstar in real life who doesn’t have at least one tattoo. They can represent many things, but for many people, when first viewing a tattoo, it can add toughness to their character. GTA: online features many tattoos, from legs to hands and even face.

If gamers want to achieve the rockstar look, they should invest in arm and chest tattoos, ones that speak to them specifically, as the art is different for everyone. The most common theme would be animals and skulls.

seven Mobile Operations Center

Any fan of rockstars and music in general knows that when a band goes on tour they usually have a giant tour bus to get there. The Mobile Operations Center can provide players with exactly that, but with extra firepower, because why not. The MOC can have three turrets and is an armored titan, with the ability to take 24 RPG rockets and 70 Buzzard rockets before exploding.

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The MOC is a semi-trailer that was released as part of the Gunrunning update and can range in price from $1,255,000 to $2,790,000 on Warstock Cache & Carry. It can also be customized on the outside, allowing players to decorate the giant vehicle with their colors and liveries.

6 The Casino Penthouse

There’s no place like home, and Casino Penthouse can offer players just that. It’s loud, quirky and wild. Perfect for a rockstar always on the go. It gives the vibe of an overcrowded and expensive hotel room, one that gets messier and messier as the days of play go on, and a cleaner will be needed to fix it. The penthouse has a spa, arcade room, office, lounge, and free champagne.

It’s the perfect place to see the outdoors, as there are great views of the city, as well as the rooftop outdoor pool. It’s a great way for players to relax and have fun, which doesn’t involve crime.

5 Discotheque, Party

With the introduction of the After Hours update, players could purchase a nightclub for both parties and treat it as a business venture in GTA: online. These properties range from $1,080,000 to $1,700,000 and this does not include the overall cost of decoration and available dancers to increase the nightclub’s reputation.

A nightclub is a great investment for rockstars, as they can burst their eardrums with loud music and dance to an overflowing crowd of strangers who are there to boogey. Players can rest easy knowing that all of this property belongs to them, and they can watch people enjoy their night, while drinking free booze.

4 Custom Retro Comet

GTA: online features more supercars and sports cars than one could count. Since the game is almost ten years old, it’s no surprise that it’s full of fast and beautiful vehicles to show off. One such vehicle is the Comet Retro Custom, a vehicle that resembles a Porsche.

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Fictional rocker and Night City legend Johnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk 2077 owned a Porsche, and the Comet Retro Custom looks a lot like that car. This vehicle can be converted at Benny’s Original Motor Works for $645,000 and gives players a great sports car to rock around in.

3 Sunglasses, for the hangover

It wouldn’t come as a shock to many to hear of this rockstar party, and the party being pretty tough. Sunglasses can be worn to prevent these eyes from feeling the impact of light, which would greatly affect a hangover. They’re also great for a cool look that keeps a vague mystery of where you’re looking.

There are many sunglasses GTA: online, and they can be purchased at any clothing store or sunglasses rack they find. Aviators are a great look for rockstars and will give the gamer that rocker persona in no time.

2 Haircut, a trim for a rocker

Each rockstar has their unique hairstyle. Whether it’s loud or quiet, it’s there. GTA: online gives players the ability to customize their hair, their way. Whether they want to rock blue hair or spiky madness. It’s their choice, and their rock star to create.

Players can get a hairstyle of almost any type, including beards and mustaches to further cement their rock star looks. All hair salons offer the same hairstyles and hair colors, which makes them cheap and accessible to everyone for the way they want to rock.

1 Offices, CEO Buildings

Offices were introduced in the Further Adventures in Finance And Felony update and allow players to build a business. The prize can range from $1,000,000 to $4,000,000 and is available to the player whenever they want to spend money. It comes with a wizard, to manage and manage all company expenses, and players can even choose their company name to show off in public lobbies.

Owning a business might not sound very rockstar, but the ability to spend money on investing and forget about it while earning stacks, is something that sounds pretty rockstar. Plus, what rockstar wouldn’t want to own a piece of Los Santos for themselves?

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