Hanging threads cause injuries in Samut Prakan’s motorcycle crash

Thailand has long been known for its obnoxiously tangled wiring that stretches and sags along and through the streets, noticeable in Bangkok but seen even in small towns across the country. Cables are often messy and sometimes even swing dangerously low in the street, causing injury and death. A recent report in Thai media highlighted one such accident, where a motorcycle rider was thrown from his bike and seriously injured when he got trapped in hanging wires.

The driver was on his motorbike in Soi Udomdech in an area of ​​Muang district in Samut Prakan whose residents say they have complained to authorities several times before, but were blown away when they demanded repairs to dangerous hanging cables . Residents attached a red cloth to the wires to make them more visible and even put a flashing light on them to draw attention.

But the alert seems to have turned on it as it may have distracted the rider of the bike who didn’t see the wire wrapped around his handlebars and ripped his bike out from under him, sending the driver fly and tumble down the sidewalk.

Videos of the dangerous thread have now gone viral online, sparking the interest of reporters and adding some weight to the cries of local residents who have called on authorities to act without result. Now angry locals are defying any government authority or telecom company to come forward and accept responsibility for the tangled wires and the damage they have caused.

In October, Russell Crowe posted a tweet that would be massively viral, showcasing Bangkok’s infamous tangle of power, telephone and internet cables, drawing attention and ridicule from around the world as well as condemnation of the disorder seen daily across the country. Thailand. The Metropolitan Electricity Authority defended itself, saying the wires in its photo were not theirs, and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha called for the mess to be cleaned up. Earlier this month, teams finally cleaned up an oft-photographed and viral mess of cables at Soi Petchaburi 31 in Bang Kapi.


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