Harley Davidson’s cheapest Series 1 electric bike is here: Mosh / CTY’s first review

The Serial 1 Mosh / CTY is worthy of the famous Harley Davidson brand.

I used the Mosh / CTY last weekend. This is a brief first take on the cheapest 1-series electric bike.

(Note that Series 1 – a tribute to the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle built in 1903, the “Serial number one”- was derived from Harley Davidson last year but uses its branding. The company has a “close engineering partnership” with Harley Davidson, according to Aaron Frank, brand director at Serial 1, with whom I spoke.)

Why the electric bicycle?

An electric bike may not replace your car, but it will give you plenty of reasons to drive it a lot less. And the Mosh / CTY makes local trips a lot more fun and a lot healthier.

The main selling point of an electric bike like the Mosh / CTY is that it lets you instantly switch between an aerobic workout and a motorized ride. Or think of it as a seamless transition from a bicycle to an electric motorcycle.

Sweat or no sweat

For example, I live in the foothills of northwest Los Angeles and above my house the elevation is over 2,000 feet. It’s a long, steep, difficult bike ride up the foothills and I see bikers climbing the hill (which is a paved access road for houses) the whole time.

With the Mosh / CTY, I can climb this hill with little or a lot of effort, depending on the mode.

To do this, choose from four levels of pedal assistance ranging from “Eco”, which is the lightest level of assistance, to “Boost”, the highest level of assistance. This is easily done on the control unit (see image below) i.e. it is very simple with almost no learning curve.

So for example I set the Mosh / CTY to Boost and easily climbed that hill. Yes, you have to pedal, but it’s a pretty light workout.

Further up the road I set it to a harder mode (less assist) and did a good 30 minute workout, going up and down the upper buttresses (most are paved but with spots earthen).

Ride – warning for those new to electric bikes:

The good news is that in Boost mode, acceleration is instantaneous. Kind of like an instant torque electric car. Very impressive.

But as a newcomer to the field of e-bikes, driving in some places can be difficult. Even a well-maintained road has bumps and patches of uneven pavement (eg areas that have been resurfaced) and any major road defects can be shocking, especially if you are at full speed. So be ready for it. And you might want to go with a third-party suspension seat post.


The Mosh / CTY has a hydroformed aluminum frame with internal cable routing. So you don’t get the exposed wiring that you might see on cheaper e-bikes.

Cheap e-bikes – and there are plenty of them out there – are essentially modified bikes, with the electric motor applied over an existing design. And well-known brands often put their name on an existing design from another bike supplier or OEM.

“If you take a close look at the vast majority of these bikes, these are badge slaps, these are existing bike products. [companies] put their name on… We designed our bikes from scratch, ”said Frank of Serial 1.


  • Charging time: 3 to 5 hours (removable battery)
  • Maximum speed: 20 mph
  • Range: 35 to 105 miles
  • Price: $ 3,799 (price considered mid-range for an electric bike)


The Mosh / CTY features a Brose S Mag mid-drive motor and a 529 Wh battery pack located above the motor for better weight distribution. Battery life ranges from 35 to 105 miles, depending on what mode you use, what terrain you are on, and how much weight you are carrying.

“Your range will radically depend on the driving mode you are in,” Frank told me.

“It’s also going to depend on how much pedaling energy you put into the bike and third, it really depends on the terrain. The hills are what really kill you. So if you are riding in tour mode [low power assist], in Key West, Florida, you’re going to get, you know, 70,80, 90,100 miles at no cost, ”he said.

“If you’re in Colorado and you’re in boost mode and you’re going straight up a mountain, you should probably turn around at around 15 or 18 miles because that battery is going to be empty at 30 miles,” Frank said. . .


Charging is not unlike charging your laptop with a large AC adapter. To display the battery charge level, you press the battery button on the control unit (see image below) or press the battery indicator above the battery, which is built into the framework.


As I tend to exercise and move around locally in the evening and at night, the built-in headlight helps me a lot: it is bright and can be pointed up or down. The tail lights also work well at night and they get brighter when braking.


I have owned EVs since 2013. Even though I love my EV, a bike like the Mosh / CTY could easily replace my EV for local purchases and even commuting.

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