Hellsinger is the spiritual successor of Brütal Legend

It doesn’t look like there will be a Brütal Legend 2 anytime soon. Fortunately, Metal: Hellsinger offers fans a different kind of metal-centric play.

Metal: Hellsinger is an upcoming rhythm FPS that features a heavy metal soundtrack, much like the cult-classic action-adventure game Brotherügreat legend. A new title trailer premiered at the 2021 Game Awards, announced by Trivium lead singer Matt Heafy. Players fight their way through Hell while timing their moves and attacks with music to optimize their combat. Metal: Hellsinger comes with stylized artwork and dark backgrounds, very similar to the landscape of Brutal legend. Metal: Hellsinger is not the first rhythmic FPS, and definitely follows BPM: balls per minute very close.


Brutal legend is a classic cult action-adventure game that mixes fantastic elements with the world of heavy metal. The game follows the story of Eddie Riggs, voiced by Jack Black, the world’s best roadie. Jack Black brought his signature humor to the title and made it something even non-trades could appreciate. Players could jump in a highly styled hot rod and blaze in an open world to uncover the secrets of The Brütal Land. Brutal legendThe s combat incorporated elements of real-time strategy, which gave it the perfect blend of open-world RPG and strategy play.

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Brutal legend was first released in 2009 and has since received a few re-releases for other platforms, but has never really talked about a sequel, although fans have been asking for it from day one. Double Fine, the developer of Brutal legend, published Psychonauts 2 earlier this year and it starred Jack Black again, showing that the actor is still on good terms with the studio. This made fans wonder once again: will there be a Brutal Legend 2? Sadly, it seems the answer is still no, as Double Fine co-founder Tim Shafer has said a sequel will be “difficult” and they don’t know which way to go. Luckily for fans of metal music and video games, Metal: Hellsinger can fill that void.

Metal: Hellsinger Presents Famous Metal Singers

Metal Hellsinger Introduces Famous Metal Singers Header
Metal Hellsinger Introduces Famous Metal Singers Header

One of the best parts of Brutal legend was the inclusion of real metal and rock musicians, like Ozzy Osbourne and Motorhead’s Lemmy, which made the playing feel like it was really made with a love for heavy music. It looks like Metal: Hellsinger will have his own take on it, but without the caricatures of music icons. Much of the music seems to have been created exclusively for this game and will feature the vocalists from bands such as Jinjer, Arch Enemy, Lamb of God, and many more. As in BPM: beats per minute, players will have to move in sync with the music, but in Hell singer each level has its own custom song, and each song has multiple layers.

While the gameplay for Metal: Hellsinger looks almost identical to BPM: balls per minute, it also looks like it will have its own spin on things. Hell singer seems to focus more on the plot and on an epic journey through the Eight Hells. Fans of Brutal legend will appreciate the way Hell singer centers the music so strongly, and will no doubt feel a sense of nostalgia for the classic iconography of skulls and spikes everywhere. Although the gameplay is very different between the two games, the overall aesthetic and the passion behind Hell singer is sure to resonate with Brutal legend Fans. Metal: Hellsinger is expected to be released sometime in 2022.

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