Here’s what a Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 from the 2000s costs today

The 2000s were a wonderful time for Harley Davidson as they released the Sportster 1200 in the first year of the new millennium, and what a wonderful bike it turned out to be decades later. Also, where has the time gone since?

The Sportster is instantly recognizable by anyone who has been riding or interested in motorcycles since 1957. The Sportster 1200 is true to the DNA of the Harley-Davidson models that existed in the 1950s, thanks to its narrowness, the shape of its sound. engine, its shape gasoline tank and muffler configuration.

And the good news is, they’re also somewhat affordable. Motor Cycle News is offering one for £ 5,995, which equates to $ 8,289.89.

There are many features on the Sportster 1200 that make it an adorable bike to date, so what are they? Let’s find out.

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What we love about the engine and performance of the Harley Davidson Sportster 1200

If anyone wants a good reason to shell out their savings to pay for a Sportster 1200, then the motorcycle’s engine is certainly the most important. It comes with a 1199cc air-cooled 4-stroke V-twin engine and its bore and stroke are 88.8mm x 96.8mm, respectively. There are also two valves and its claimed power is 61 hp (45.5 kW) at 5,500 rpm. In addition, the maximum torque of the motorcycle is 88 Nm (64.9 lb-ft) at 4000 rpm. These numbers help make it a fast accelerating bike, which in all fairness is what most people expect from a motorcycle.

For the Twin Cam engine, Harley developed the same type of tight fit straight crankpin that is used almost universally in the motorcycle engines of other car manufacturers equipped with roller bearing connecting rod heads. The result was a stronger, stiffer, and cheaper crankshaft for the automaker. Nonetheless, when the single-cylinder engine of the last Buell Blast was made – with its ancestors deeply rooted in the Sportster engine – it received a three-piece Twin-Cam-style crank. The Sportster receives the same type of crank.

The engine responds and revs quickly, even though it’s just a powertrain from Milwaukee, but what’s wrong? It just means it doesn’t pull up. Lighter flywheels also improve gear changes, as there is less crank mass to combat gear synchronization during shifting.

Harley’s goal was to improve performance while reducing costs, and who can blame them? They did a great job at the time. As a result, all 2000 Sportsters received new housings with twin-cam type steel lifters and machined pushrod housings. Later it was incorporated into every Sportster engine.

Finally, there’s a decent five-speed manual transmission and the clutch is a wet multi-plate manual. The fuel system is a carburetor.

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What else do we love about the Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200?

Harley Davidson 1200.v1 (2)

Harley-Davidson 1200

There is a steel frame and 39mm telescopic fork front suspension, while the rear suspension is made up of dual shocks. The front brake consists of a single 292mm disc and a two-piston caliper, and the rear brake is almost the same but with a single-piston caliper instead. This allows them to bring in more power than ever before when stopping. Be warned, a single front disc can cause the front of the bike to come to a near abrupt stop, and that’s because of the soft fork springs. Pull harder and there is a very quick stop. Truly breathtaking stuff!

In order to reduce the force of the rear brake, it is better to turn the brake lever forward with the necessary adjustment, so that the maximum braking is not reached so quickly. This will help make the rear brake more operational and much less likely to randomly lock itself on its own.

Other things that are essential to know include the types of tires it uses, which are a 100 / 90-19 and a 130 / 90-16 at the front and rear, respectively, and its height. seat is perfectly decent at 740 MM (29.1 inches) while the wheelbase is 1515 mm (59.6 inches). Without fluids, the Sportster 1200’s weight is 530 lbs, making it easier to maneuver in tight corners and lighter overall. It’s fair to say that Harley engineers and designers prioritized improving handling at the time!

Anyone lucky enough to own the Sportster 1200 is guaranteed to have a blast, almost literally, on this bike. Considering it’s 20 years old, the Harley model has definitely stood the test of time and it looks like it could have come out in this decade. Get one while you still can at such a decent price.

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