Here’s what we love about the Toyota RAV4 Prime

Toyota is practically another word for reliability in the automotive industry. The famous Japanese automaker has an almost unmatched global reach, with its rapid international expansion making it the ninth largest company in the world by revenue in 2020. Toyota Motor Corporation is also the world’s first automaker to manufacture more than ten million vehicles per year, an impressive record set by the brand in 2012.

Toyota has a strong position in all segments of the automotive industry, with its broad product portfolio renowned for its unmatched reliability and flawless engineering ingenuity. Toyota’s progressive thinking saw the Japanese automaker bring its expertise in the field of hybrid powertrains, giving the masses the infamous Prius sedan in 1997. The brand’s extensive SUV lineup also gets a taste of it. hybrid power, as their popular RAV4 now sports a hybrid avatar plug. The competitive SUV segment is certainly on the prowl, as the sporty and dynamic RAV4 Prime looks to reverse.

The Toyota RAV4 has been around since 1994 and is the first compact crossover SUV made by the Japanese automaker. The specially designed machine was designed to wrap all the benefits of an SUV in the form of increased cargo space and even higher visibility, with the fuel economy of a compact car. The latest iteration of the SUV sports a plug-in hybrid power mill that is both durable and sporty.

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Distinctive “Prime” exterior design

A white 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime


The RAV4 has always been a nice machine to begin with, but its Prime avatar manages to stand out perfectly from its regular iteration. The bolder exterior design now includes a lower front bumper, custom grille design, black exterior accents, and even two-color tailpipes that add a bit of flair to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Other optional features of the RAV4 Prime Edition include 19-inch black alloy rims, vertical LED accent lights and even a black roof depending on the variant chosen, in turn adding a touch of personalization to the personality. The sleek overall sporty and rather sporty compact crossover SUV.

Ergonomic and feature-rich interior

The stylish interior of the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime


The interior of the RAV4 Prime is a beautiful blend of quality and functionality. Its entire interior features premium materials, which are further complemented by the logically thought-out design language of the cabin itself.

The cabin of the RAV4 Prime is rather spacious and can accommodate five passengers in absolute comfort. The interior experience of the sleek SUV is further accentuated by the provision of standardized features in the form of heated front seats, a dual-zone climate system and even a steering and shift lever. leather-wrapped gears, adding to the premium and rich quality. cabin feel.

The higher-end variants of the RAV4 Prime feature a 9.0-inch screen, wireless charger, and even synthetic leather seats for a sportier appeal. The entry-level variants of the RAV4 Prime are not on the equipment list, compared to its higher-end versions, but still offer several comforts such as an 8.0-inch screen, seats in heated cloths and even paddle shifters that support the sleek sporty SUV and nimble personality.

The various powertrain options

The powerful engine of the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime


The RAV4 Prime sports an element of diversity when it comes to its overall performance dynamics. The heavy-duty SUV can be purchased with a 2.5-liter “Atkinson Cycle” inline-four for pure gasoline capable of delivering a respectable 177 hp and 163 lb-ft of torque.

The RAV4 Prime’s calling card, however, is its intelligent plug-in hybrid system. Toyota’s patented “Synergy Drive System” is combined with the SUV’s internal combustion engine to deliver fascinating performance. The layout of this futuristic hybrid system involves the combination of two permanent magnet synchronous AC motor generators that together generate a colossal 179 hp and 199 lb-ft of torque at the front axle of the SUV.

The Japanese automaker’s brilliant hybrid system also includes an additional electric motor powered by an 18.1 kWh lithium-ion battery. This well-designed electric motor can generate 53 horsepower and 89 lb-ft of torque and plays an important role in emphasizing the sporty character of the RAV4 Prime.

With all components of the hybrid system working in tandem, the combined power output of the RAV4 Prime amounts to a gargantuan 302 hp, resulting in a 0-100 km / h sprint in just 5.4 seconds. . The sleek SUV’s claimed electric-only range stands at 42 miles, which turns out to be a decent number for tackling short trips around the city center.

The RAV4 Prime also has a 3.3kW, 120V Level 1 charging cable that is capable of fully recharging the SUV in a fairly long period of time of around 12 hours from home. Charging time can be reduced to 4.5 hours using a 3.3kW, 240V charging cable, while more premium versions of the RAV4 Prime can be purchased with a level 2 plus charger. fast capable of a faster charge time of 2.5 hours.

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The extensive list of safety equipment and prices

The front view of a red Toyota RAV4 Prime


The colossal firepower of the RAV4 Prime is complemented by its long list of safety features. The sleek SUV accentuates confidence, with the provision of optional features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist and even pedestrian detection, while higher-end versions of the RAV4 Prime feature Cross-traffic alerts, as well as a parking assistance function. .

With a starting price of $ 42,600, the Toyota RAV4 Prime is not just a regular plug-in hybrid automobile, but rather a high-performance family SUV that displays its utility capabilities in a sporty and dynamic manner. The overall package of the RAV4 Prime is nearly flawless and manages to outperform most of the competition in its segment with authority.

The Toyota RAV4 is an immensely successful offering from the Japanese automaker, to begin with, and its plug-in avatar manages to further polish the appeal of its overall package. The Prime Edition of this high-performance machine encompasses style, quality, functionality and mind-blowing performance dynamics that sets it in a class of its own. Toyota has seamlessly integrated its futuristic plug-in hybrid system into the RAV4 Prime, giving its utility personality a dash of sportiness, making it one of the most dynamic and versatile offerings in its segment. Awareness of improving the environment is at an all time high, and the RAV4 Prime is proving to be the ultimate family but sporting machine doing its part for a more sustainable future.

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