Honda increases motorcycle prices to Rs 6,500

LAHORE – Amid increasing demand for two-wheelers, Atlas Honda has raised prices for its bikes for the seventh time in 2021.

A notification issued by the automotive giant reported an increase to Rs 6,500. The new rates are applicable from November 1, 2021.

Atlas Honda has increased the price of the Honda CD70, the best-selling bike in the country, from Rs 90,900 to Rs 94,900 – an increase of Rs 4,000 – while the updated price of the CD70 Dream has increased from Rs 5,000 to Rs. 101,500 Rs.

The company has increased the prices of Pridor, CG125 and CG125SE up to Rs5,000. The new prices are Rs 130,500, Rs 152,500 and Rs 182,000 respectively.

Meanwhile, prices for the company’s premium Honda CB125F and CB150F bikes have jumped to Rs6,500. These variants will now sell for Rs 218,500 and Rs 273,500 respectively.

The company also raised prices in October for the sixth time when the price of CD70 was set at Rs 90,000 after adding Rs 4,000.

A motorcycle dealer speaking to a media outlet said the recent surge came as a result of rising commodity prices. The cost of production has also increased, with the dollar rate already touching 175 rupees, he said.

Two-wheeler prices have risen 60% in the past two years, one report says.

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