How Batman’s Batmobile’s Unique Design Mirrors Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne

The Batman production designer explains how the film’s unique Batmobile design reflects Robert Pattinson’s take on Bruce Wayne.

The Batman The production designer explains how the film’s Batmobile mirrors Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. With the latest Caped Crusader movie, Pattinson takes his place alongside Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck on the list of actors who have tackled the Dark Knight and his alter ego Wayne. And of course, each man unveiled his own take on the famous comic book character.

But while each new cinematic Batman indeed tweaked Wayne’s portrayal formula, certain aspects of the character have remained consistent over the years. Wayne, for example, is always shown as a man living a double life: frivolous playboy by day, vigilante defender of Gotham City by night. Wayne is also still deeply invested in technology, which he uses to aid him in his quest to rid Gotham of its criminal element. Things have changed with Matt Reeves The Batman however, Wayne lost his worldly qualities to become a brooding recluse inspired by Kurt Cobain. And being lonelier in The Batman also means that Wayne lacks help building his line of gadgets, which in the new movie necessarily have a DIY quality that’s been lacking in the sleeker, more polished designs shown in previous movies.


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Of course, there’s no more iconic Batman technology than the Batmobile itself. Batman’s vehicle indeed appears in The Batman, but it is a very different machine from those that have been seen on screen before. Instead of an Art Deco jet engine on wheels as in the 1989 Batmanor a deceived slab of military hardware as in The black KnightPattinson’s Batmobile is a homemade hot-rod that looks like something out of a madmax movie. Indeed, according to The Batman production designer James Chinlund, the new no-frills Batmobile was specifically designed to reflect the less flashy personality of the new Bruce Wayne. He said Reverse:

The car reflects his focus on the mission. It’s about doing it, it’s not about a grand design statement. He’s kind of a lean, mean version of the Batman. There is no wasted space, there is no decoration. There are no frills. He is a man against the evils of the city. The car reflects this individual who takes on the world.

Of course, the Batmobile isn’t the only aspect of The Batman which reflects this depressed new version of Bruce Wayne. It’s also there in Batman’s Batsuit, which looks like something he sewed himself from various scraps. This Bruce Wayne may not be as much of a social butterfly as previous incarnations of the character, but that only leaves him with more time to work on his costume and car, an angle on the character that’s arguably quite refreshing. after years of somewhat similar portrayals of Wayne.

Of course, it’s always going to be controversial whenever the filmmakers bring new twists to familiar characters, like Reeves and Pattinson did with their take on Batman. But this time, the risk seems to have paid off as the film is currently skyrocketing at the box office with over $500 million in worldwide revenue. The design choices made by Chinlund, Reeves and company on The Batman indeed seem to have been good, as did the character choices made by the writers and by Pattinson himself. For now, brooding, reclusive, DIY Batman seems like the way to go. But of course, future filmmakers will have to make their own decisions when it comes to portraying Bruce Wayne.

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