How to protect the interior of your car from winter

Many people take steps to protect their vehicles from the elements. Most of the time, however, the focus is on what can be done to protect the exterior of the car. In a country like Canada that experiences more than its fair share of harsh winter conditions, waterproofing the interior of your vehicle should measure up to maintaining the exterior. Preventively protecting your car’s floors, seats, and electronics is much less expensive and time-consuming than having to replace or repair them once damaged. Take a look at our top recommendations for protecting your car’s interior from the harsh Canadian weather, all of which can be found on eBay Motors.

1. Rubber floor mats

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Some of the most economical and effective products you can buy to protect your vehicle’s interior from damage from mud, water, salt, and other chemicals are rubber floor mats.

Where possible, look for mats (front and rear) that have been designed for your specific vehicle, taking into account model year, make, and trim level. When the mats perfectly fit the contours of your vehicle, they help lock in water, mud, sand, salt and debris. Most of the better brands also feature ridges or channels that can trap dirt and water even more effectively.

2. Cargo liners

Cargo liner

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Another great option for protecting your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery is to purchase a high quality cargo liner that will custom fit your trunk or tailgate. These durable and stylish liners are made from non-slip and waterproof materials that can protect the carpets and sides of your vehicle’s cargo area.

Much like rubber mats to place under your muddy boots, a custom cut cargo liner can protect your vehicle from all kinds of wet or dirty tools. Nowadays, some even come with thoughtful bumper flaps and tailgate covers to protect your car’s paintwork from scratches and scuffs caused by pets and cargo. The liners are easy to put on and take off for washing or shaking. Some of the newer models are also fitted with a split seam to accommodate the split rear seats for additional cargo space.

3. Car seat covers

Seat cover

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Not only are car seat covers an affordable and economical way to protect the interior of your car from dirt, debris, water, mud and salt, but ones like car seat covers Otoez luxury leather bags are custom designed to fit the particular make and model of your vehicle. It makes your car seats look sleek and brand new, even if your little one has been kicking them since September.

Car seat covers are a great option if your car seats are damaged or worn out and you don’t want to rush out for new upholstery. They are also a good choice if you want to keep your car’s original upholstery intact. Look for PU leather or other durable material that wipes clean easily with a damp cloth and can be stretched tightly and anchored securely for a secure fit that won’t shift while you are driving. Good quality car seat covers are also available in a wide variety of colors to match your existing car interior decor.

4. Upholstery and fabric cleaners


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Canadian inclement weather can leave your car’s upholstery and fabrics stained, weathered and rough. That’s when a high quality upholstery cleaner like Turtle Wax Power Out Upholstery Cleaner & Protector can be a game-changer.

Cleaners like this are less of a financial investment than seat covers, and they leave your upholstery crisp and your car smelling nice and clean. They can remove odors and stains from food, pets, mold, cigarettes, etc. Most come with heavy-duty removable scrub brushes that allow you to penetrate deep into the fabric to remove stubborn dirt, debris and odors. While these cleaners won’t protect your upholstery or seat covers, many of them are formulated to create a chemical barrier that helps prevent other stains from setting in.

5. Replacement heated car seats

Heated seats

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Sometimes “waterproofing” can target the driver, not just the interior fabrics of your car. A good set of aftermarket heated car seat kits will increase your comfort level on those frosty Canadian winter days and nights.

Kits like the Napol Products Heated Seat Kit are vehicle-specific inserts that can turn your boring non-heated car seats into a luxury experience that provides quick and efficient heating to your back and butt. Here, three heat settings allow you to customize the heat level to suit your needs. Best of all, a solution like this is relatively easy to install and surprisingly affordable. Keep in mind that these heated car seat kits are vehicle specific, so be sure to verify your make and model before purchasing.

Whether you’re preparing for the coldest winter days or just performing routine maintenance on the car or truck you love, make eBay Motors your first stop for auto parts and accessories.

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