John Deere Tractor with Turbo’d V8 Isn’t Your Ordinary Farm Machine

We may not know much about farm machinery, but seeing the words ‘turbo’, ‘V8’ and ‘tractor’ in one sentence we knew we had to share this video which depicts a very special John Deere. with you.
How do you know it’s a John Deere? Well, it says there, on the sides of the long nose, and it sports the decals in front of the rear wheels as well. The entire vehicle is finished in green with yellow accents, gets closer to the road, and sports radial tires at the rear for extra traction.

Despite the obvious modifications, it can still carry a decent cargo in the bed that has otherwise been left open. But its biggest secret is under the hood, because, as we already mentioned in the intro, it benefits from a V8, forced induction powertrain. We don’t know anything about the engine, but we estimate that it produces hundreds of horsepower, most of which are rather docile.

That’s right, if you’ve come here hoping to see a record holder, you’ll be disappointed to learn that he was trained by rather old but powerful machines during Hot Rod Drag Week 2021. This John Deere might sound wild, but it’s a 12-second machine, so in theory an original Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, not to mention a Super Stock or a Demon, could put it in its corner without breaking a sweat.

In case you missed it, there was another drab but extremely powerful Volvo 200 at the same event. The old Swedish grocer is a dragster in his own right, capable of posting dizzying times, which he did, as he covered the quarter mile in just 6.93 seconds, at 203.3 mph (327.2 km / h). You can watch it in action here, after hitting the play button on the embedded video below.

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