Josh Warrington bought himself a dream motorbike to ride out losing Maurico Lara after finally getting permission from his wife

JOSH WARRINGTON has recovered from his Maurico Lara car accident with a dream motorbike after his wife finally gave him the green light.

The 31-year-old Leeds hero suffered a crushing defeat to the Mexican banger in February 2021, just weeks after relinquishing his IBF featherweight title in his bid to clinch further titles.


Josh Warrington got permission from his wife Natasha to buy a motorbikeCredit: ACTION IMAGES

The father-of-two hit rock bottom after the punishing knockout, but his wife Natasha helped him out of his funk with the nod for his dream two-wheeled machine.

Ahead of tonight’s shot at his old belt against Kiko Martinez at his local arena, Warrington revealed: “When I became world champion I went to a motorcycle garage and came home with a brochure and the woman burst into tears. She said ‘you can’t, you just became a dad’.

“Then after Lara’s first fight I was sulking and my dad was having a midlife crisis and had just bought a scooter so I thought I’d take a bike.

“The woman gave me the blessing and so I went to get one. I think she did it because I was so miserable!

“She said you were going to do it at some point, so do it, but be careful.”

Warrington treated himself to a 650cc Yamaha to ease the pain of that first career loss and exercised demons when he faced Lara in September, which ended in a technical draw.

And now the only agony is hearing other bikers enjoying the scorching sun as he focuses on the must-see Leeds arena clash with the 36-year-old he highlighted in 2017 .

He said: “When I’m on my bike, I love it.

“Whitby, Scarborough, that’s where I want to go. I was sitting in my back garden on Wednesday and where I live a lot of bikers go out to a bike cafe near my house and all day it was “vrooom!”

“And it was like someone on a diet constantly walking past fast food chains and I was like, ‘Aaaaaargh! “. I can’t wait to get out on my bike next week.

“I realize the dangers of having a bicycle. I know if I hit a pole in my car, I’ll break my alloy. If I hit a pole on my bike, I go out, so I ride defensively.


Warrington – who will be led into the ring by Leeds United hero Luke Ayling – had his senses scrambled by Lara after missing out on an EGG-elletent pre-fight tradition.

The Elland Road regular has always dropped off tickets personally to his longtime fans, with dedicated follower Terry Poole always thanking him with six eggs.

He explained: “Basically I’ve always put in tickets for people who have been coming for a long time and the Poole family have been coming since when I was fighting for the English title as mayor of Leeds.

Josh Warrington suffered a loss in a car accident against Mauricio Lara


Josh Warrington suffered a loss in a car accident against Mauricio LaraCredit: Getty

“I would say probably in the last six years since I’ve been going there, he’s been giving me half a dozen eggs. It’s a bit of a tradition actually.

“He swears the reason I got beaten by Lara is that I didn’t go get the eggs before that first fight.

“Now Terry has given me the eggs, he is at peace now. Because I have the eggs, he is convinced that I will be a double world champion.

“I couldn’t get them for Lara’s first fight because it was in the bubble and there were no tickets sold. I didn’t get them for the second fight either because I was so busy with everything else that my buddies dropped off the tickets.

“I make an omelette or scrambled eggs with it, something nice like that.”

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