Juiced Bikes Hyper Scrambler 2 combines power, cool motorcycle style and long range electric vehicle

In 2020, I tested my first Juiced Bikes electric bike, the Hyper Scorpion. It was a fun and efficient mix of an electric bike and a low powered electric motorcycle. With a slip-on frame and scooter-sized wheels, this was a usual but fun change from typical e-bikes on the market. It was also very powerful for an e-bike, had a long battery life, and controls more similar to a minibike of yesteryear. Juice Bikes were kind enough to let us use it over the summer of last year during the pandemic and we drove a lot of miles while camping away from town but also shopping and enjoying of its attributes more similar to those of a motorcycle in the city.

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Juiced is back this year with the new Hyper Scrambler 2, an even more motorcycle-style electric bike made more popular by outfits like Super 73 and others. The Hyper Scrambler 2 uses the same 1000-watt Bafang motor as the Hyper Scorpion, but adds a second 52-volt 19.2 Ah battery for even more range and convenience. They also touched on a few little details that sand down some of the Scorpion’s rough edges, and again I used the Scrambler 2 over the summer and fall.

Pieces of technology

One thing that can’t be blamed on Juiced Bikes is bowing to the bike makers’ long-standing mantra of less weight, less weight, less weight. The Hyper Scrambler 2 is built sturdy and tips the scales at 119 pounds with the two removable batteries on board, but that’s not a bad thing for this ebike, as I’ll be taking the rugged build quality and heavy batteries in exchange for autonomy and stability of the chassis. they give. The Hyper Scrambler 2 switches to a more conventional triangular steel tube frame of the Scorpion stepper design, as it needs the stiffness for V-mounted batteries. Plus, it looks pretty darn cool. too, especially in red against the black wheels, forks and rear shocks, and black nodding license plates at the rear.

Cool features abound on the Hyper Scrambler 2, including a large seat that can (usually) accommodate two people, a USB port on the left bar for charging your phone (or even powering a GPS), and a new Shimano shifter to 8 speed which is faster and more precise than the old Scorpion unit I reviewed. There are also many motorcycle-like elements: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, two adjustable rear shocks and an adjustable preload front fork, LED turn signals, smoothly rotating throttle, horn super powerful 118 db, switchable super bright LED headlight with nice LED halo and highly visible LED tail light with brake light that works all the time. Thank you!! It even has a built-in wireless alarm system and key fob, although a thief could still roll the bike if it wasn’t locked to something. Some sort of fork lock would be a welcome addition. My review bike also included two motorcycle style mirrors, but they are a bit too vertical and really only give a view of my shoulders. I actually replaced them with old mirrors I had from another bike that leaned at about a 60 degree angle and they worked much better.

Riding experience

A lot of e-bike companies are now producing models with pedals attached to the limit of uselessness, with the main focus being on the battery-powered drivetrain, and I understand the reasons. However, even though it is a heavy e-bike, it is also very easy to pedal, thanks to the Shimano shifting rear derailleur and the extra large front sprocket. I wouldn’t want to climb a steep hill just with pedal power, but it can be done, and I have generally used the Scrambler in pedal assist mode more than just coasting.

The bike has six riding modes including Eco, Levels 1,2 and 3, and Sport and Race, or seven if you count a ‘zero’ assist mode that keeps the electrical system energized so you can have lights and the like under the power of the pedal. Up to level 3, the Scrambler will help pedal up to a Class II of 20 mph. In Sport and Race mode, assistance reaches a Class III of 28 mph, and because it’s designed for that, enthusiastic pedaling and assistance can push the Scrambler to 30 mph or better.

I have used the Hyper Scrambler 2 all summer and fall almost every day if the weather permits. It didn’t come with a front fender (it’s just not motorcycle style!) So if I were to buy one I would add this as I value ride comfort in the rain to aesthetic concerns (and really, the mudguard is black and almost invisible). It’s a great bike for commuting, as I could ride Portland’s cycle paths past crawling cars and even jump on the sidewalk as needed to cross streets and the like – just like a bicycle.

But I also found out that I left my car and motorcycles at home to shop on the Hyper Scrambler 2, just using a messenger bag or backpack to run to the local supermarket that was located. five miles or even longer trips to go fly my drone or take long, fun hikes, and that’s where the Hyper Scrambler 2 really shines. With two batteries on board, much longer journeys are accomplished more easily and with confidence. I’ve been to my parents’ house a few times, about 20 miles away, traversing Portland on bike paths, cycle lanes and busy downtown streets, and the HS 2 was a pleasure to drive with its full suspension, its abundant power and comfortable ergonomics. .

This is because one strategy I developed was to fully charge the batteries, then use one until it was low, and then switch to the other. Juiced Bikes has created a flexible power system in the bike allowing the use of one or both batteries at a time. Using one after the other meant that I still had that second in reserve, and I could usually make the round trip to my parents’ house with just one battery, but otherwise no problem, the second was full and ready to go! This is a huge plus and in truth I had TWO dual battery e-bikes at the same time for review. Dual batteries are a huge confidence boost for pilots and I think we will see more in the future.

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The dual battery advantage was also important when we took the HS 2 to Diamond Lake in central Oregon, which is circled by a 16 mile bike path through forests and along the lakefront. The bike was used all day while we were there and the competition between the kids with us to ride it was fierce; it was clearly the favorite e-bike of the many we brought.


Ultimately, there’s a lot to like about the $ 3,499 Juiced Bikes Hyper Scrambler 2. It’s fast, fun, beautiful, but most of all, it’s really useful in the real world. If you have a journey to do by bike instead of a car, even a long one, this electric bike is a great solution. I found that I could get to most places in Portland faster on the HS 2 than in a car, or even on my motorcycle. I could even see doing light delivery work with it. E-bikes continue to prove themselves as the superior way to get around town, and the Hyper Scrambler 2 (and the Hyper Scorpion I tested last year) are two of the funniest and most fun electric bikes. the most efficient that I have tested. There’s not much I would change either, other than better mirrors, some sort of parking lock, a stock front fender and maybe a little more damping in the springy rear shocks. . Fun, fast and affordable for all it offers, this is the “bike” I dreamed of as a kid and the adult I love to ride. Half bike, half bike, it is an effective alternative to driving a car in many situations, and it has brought a smile and a thrill to anyone who has used it. Highly recommended.

Juiced Bikes Hyper Scrambler 2: $ 3,499 MSRP and as tested

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