Konnichiwa Steak, Sushi & Bento Opens in Lexington | Business

Co-owner Niko (left), with his brother. (Photo credit: Karamie Hallman / Cola Daily)

Drivers walking down Sunset Boulevard in Lexington may have recently seen a new commercial sign in McCauley Square. Konnichiwa Steak, Sushi & Bento held its grand opening last week.

The Lexington Konnichiwa is the premier establishment in the Midlands. The family business has other stores in Boiling Springs, Moore, Florence, Winston-Salem, Charlotte and Ohio. Co-owner I Wayan Nika Aditya, who goes by Niko, said they strive to provide a memorable experience for guests with their Japanese cuisine and modern aesthetic.

“We offer unique sushi here,” he said. Each Konnichiwa location has a few special sushi rolls with region-specific names. The Lexington store has options like Gamecock and Tiger Clemson rolls, from over 45 varieties of sushi rolls in total. Niko said they were working on a “sunset roll” to recognize their Sunset Boulevard address.

In addition to sushi, the restaurant offers bowls of hibachi rice, bento boxes, soups, salads and desserts.

The look of the building is original and modern, according to Niko. When the family opened the Charlotte store, he said they added a 1975 motorcycle as a permanent installation. Niko said they are currently looking for a ’70s or’ 80s Harley Davidson to add to the Lexington location. They also incorporate paintings which are all imported from Bali. Abstract art can be seen on almost any restaurant wall in a variety of warm colors. Niko said these pieces were deliberately chosen to look like a sunset, also as a nod to their address.

“Konnichiwa” was chosen as the name of the restaurant to help it become more recognizable to customers, according to Niko. “We want everyone to know the name of our restaurant, and it means ‘hey’, ‘hello’, and if you mean something in Japanese you can say ‘konnichiwa’,” he said. “It’s easy for customers to remember that. “

The Lexington location is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, located at 5086 Sunset Blvd. Learn more about the company on Konnichiwa’s Facebook page.

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