KSP: Man with warrants leads police in chase that ends in crash at exit 90, handful of charges

A London man was recently arrested following a police chase, from Rockcastle and Madison County Line. According to police citations, Kentucky State Police say a black motorcycle driven by Justin S. Seeley was observed driving at high speeds at the county line. Police say there was no license plate on the motorbike either.

The soldier said he tried to catch up with the bike, but the speed started to exceed 130 mph. After passing the 77-mile marker and slowing down as Berea police were in the area to carry out a traffic stop, Seeley then allegedly continued to attempt to evade the soldier.

The chase continued until exiting the 90-mile marker heading north towards Berea, where Seeley was unable to navigate a curve on the service road, resulting in an accident. Seeley, according to the soldier, then left his motorcycle and fled on foot, leading to a short chase on foot.

Once in custody, police realized Seeley had warrants for his arrest for evading parole supervision and for failing to complete drug treatment.

He was treated at a hospital before being taken to Madison County Detention Center and charged with fleeing or escaping police on foot and in a motor vehicle, having exceeded 26 miles per hour, excessive passing, operating with a suspended license and not having license plates. .

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