LAFD gets its very first electric fire truck

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) gets its first electric fire truck, which is expected to be in use by early 2022. Although there are some shortcomings, practicalities, and drawbacks to the widespread use of trucks electric firefighters, which is why they have not replaced the entire existing pre-fleet, it is a greener vehicle and overall quieter. They also have other features in common with today’s fire trucks, and they can be modified as needed for each particular fire department. The arrival of LAPD’s first electric fire truck is a milestone in testing the efficiency and effectiveness of electric fire trucks before they become commonplace in the fleet.

Read on to learn more about how the electric fire truck works and more details about the plan.

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There is still a generalized impracticality

Firefighters standing outside electric fire truck

via LAFD

Unfortunately, a whole fleet of electric fire trucks is not quite practical yet, so it will not be widespread development for some time. Some aspects still have to overcome shortcomings, practicalities and drawbacks before they can be considered effective and efficient.

The engine of an electric fire truck has not yet surpassed the power and benefits of its gasoline or diesel counterparts, although a range extender offers the possibility of extending the electric range of the fire truck. , allowing it to exceed its all electric. range for more use and efficiency. Some aspects of the electric fire truck are shared with their gasoline-powered counterparts, such as the pump tanks and the ability to use multiple forms of technology.

That said, however, there are some advantages. The noise-free electric fire trucks allow smoother and clearer communication between firefighters, and lower emissions mean less pollution. In addition, an electric transmission significantly reduces fuel combustion during transport. At this point, however, only 1% of American vehicles are electric, and emergency vehicles, in particular, must pass a greater battery of tests before they are allowed to be reused. So at the moment, traditional fire trucks with their iconic designs are still predominant.

Customer needs focus

Electric fire truck, front and side view at sunset

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This electric fire truck was designed with what customers claimed to be their product needs. One company, E-ONE, a subsidiary of the REV Group, decided to give Mesa, the Arizona Fire Department, a full-service, all-electric fire truck, so the LAFD is not the only group to receive one. This all-electric fire truck is a customizable Vector truck, which just launched in August.

Some of the Vector’s most desirable features include an improved air conditioning system, low battery placement for superior gravitational centering, longer pumping time, regenerative braking, range extender, and an electric drive motor. . The lower center of gravity will also help improve stability when cornering. As Mesa wants to be carbon neutral by 2050, the use of the Vector truck is an important step towards this goal. This particular Vector model will be the first built and is expected to arrive in 2022.

That said, it’s unclear at this point if the truck is truly all-electric, and it may be more of a hybrid vehicle that relies more on its electric components. The Vector would feature a 316 kWh battery and a 400 kW electric motor, and both electric motors developed 490 HP. No word has been confirmed on the finalized torque figures. Further tests on electric fire trucks in Berlin, Amsterdam and Dubai to begin soon

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The fire truck is creatively customizable

Electric fire truck, rear and side view

via the Driving Authority

Many features are custom designed or built to meet certain scenarios or situations. The Vector truck sent to Mesa will be able to pump 750 GPM through four flexible lines for four hours on a single charge, which is a higher accomplishment than originally anticipated.

Additionally, the Volterra pumps that these trucks plan to use are already in service in Madison, WI, and Portland, OR, with a 155 kWh battery pack. Some of the customizable features advertised include a heavy-duty front bumper with full-width deck, 500 amps of available 12-volt power, electronic stability, an extruded aluminum body with full compartments, a thermal battery management system and a design of low pipe bed to hold more pipe.

The precedent was set

Police officer standing outside electric fire truck

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While this is not the first time that an order for an electric fire truck has been placed, it may be the first time that a truck has actually been implemented and deployed. LAFD actually placed an order with Rosenbauer via Electrek for an electric fire truck in February 2020. However, those plans had not yet fully manifested by the time the Vector’s arrival was announced.

Rosenbauer says its “breakthrough technology” (RT) plug-in hybrid is effective in getting the best of both worlds, containing a 50 kWh battery with an on-board internal combustion engine range extender. LAFD reportedly paid $ 1.2 million for the electric fire truck.


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