Linslade man warns the public to stay alert after attempted motorcycle theft

A man from Linslade is warning people to be vigilant about the security of their homes after thieves allegedly targeted his motorcycle on Tuesday evening (23 November).

The Fyne Drive resident woke up on Wednesday morning (November 24) to find his vehicle had been disturbed by suspected screwdriver damage to some parts.

Fortunately, the bicycle was chained and the culprits could not move it, but the man wants to raise awareness of what happened.

Too bad for the bike.

He said: “On Wednesday morning, I went out to get my bike ready for work and it had moved a bit. The rubbish bins [in front of it] had been torn off and the cover had been torn off.

“They cut the steering column off the bike and tried to pull it off but didn’t realize it was chained.”

The man told the LBO he heard nothing Tuesday night, however, his neighbors believe he heard some suspicious noises.

He added: “My neighbor heard two bikes whistling, so we think maybe that’s when it could have happened.

“People think there may be groups organized around.”

The Fyne Drive resident has reported the incident to Bedfordshire Police and is awaiting a response.

He also found hairs on the tank and will ask them to come and investigate this evidence.

The man said: “I have told some people about it and unfortunately it is rampant in some parts of this country. I am keeping myself so I am not sure of here, but I want to warn people.

“The best is to put it [vehicles or valuables] in the garage and lock it up, and if that’s not enough, what do you do.

“Today you can have the greatest security in the world, but people can still find ways to get through it.

“Maybe keyless technology is the answer.”

On the actions of thieves or potential thieves, he added: “People don’t care. I’m relying on my bike and I’ve already lost two days of work.”

The LBO has contacted Bedfordshire Police for comment.

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