Meet Ganga, one of the best tattoo artists in the world

Married and childless yet, his dedication to his businesses has earned him spots in magazines like Forbes, who named him as one of the leading branding entrepreneurs.

“I consider myself fifty percent an artist and fifty percent an entrepreneur. I am very straight forward.

“I’ve been here in LA for two years and I don’t even speak English. What I am is very reasonable, which makes me evolve very quickly, ”he confides with a relaxed attitude.

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Photo: Nunu

What Ganga loves most about Los Angeles is the climate. “It’s very similar to mine in Murcia. I like food. We always hear in Spain that here we only eat burgers, which is not true. There are so many wonderful restaurants. Another thing I love is that there are thousands of things you can do here to keep yourself entertained which is awesome. And the icing on the cake is that the opportunities to grow as an artist appear very quickly. The opportunities that there are in LA, I think, only exist here. There is no other city in the world where you can develop further, ”he says.

What he enjoys most about a new tattoo is “the moment I connect with the person I’m going to tattoo and I feel right at home.” Afterwards when I do the tattoo I’m so focused on that and I find a loophole, I don’t focus on my problems, on whether I’m stressed or not, or on something that obsesses me. Getting a tattoo is my time to disconnect, where there are no stressors. When I tattoo I relax my mind and the art takes over.

Despite his experience and years in the industry, sometimes when he finishes a tattoo he is surprised. He thinks, ‘Did I do that?’ “Even if there’s no way to have perfect days, these days when you’re focused and motivated, it’s okay. It’s art and when we do it every day for several years, you never know if Wednesday is going to have the right attitude at work or not, but what I do is concentrate a little before tattoo and that’s it.

With such prestigious clients, it would seem logical to see them and get nervous, but for Ganga, that’s no problem.

“No, I don’t get nervous, although sometimes I have trouble with the position and posture… For example, if I tattoo someone who is very famous in a house and I feel like there is no light. Feeling uncomfortable makes me very nervous, but it has happened very few times and I resolved these issues when they did. Since the majority of my clients are in LA, what I do is take my portable bed, my light, and I have everything with me.

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