Memorial erected for victims of NH motorcycle accident

The Jarheads unveil the memorial

The Jarheads Motorcycle Club unveiled a memorial near the crash site of 7 of their members, according to It is hard to believe that it has been almost two years since the tragedy occurred when a truck driving in the wrong direction caused the accident and the loss of 7 motorcyclists. The accident happened on June 21, 2019 on Route 2 in Randolph, New Hampshire. The memorial stone was unveiled last Saturday where friends, family and supporters gathered to honor those who lost their lives that day. The memorial stone lists the names of each of the victims and refers to the “seven dead” according to the media.

Truck driver awaits trial

Driver Volodymyr Zhukovskyy faces multiple charges of negligent homicide, manslaughter, impaired driving and reckless driving according to Zhukocskyy is due for trial later this year.

Remember the victims

The Jarheads are a tight-knit motorcycle club who look almost more like family than just club members. The Jarheads Motorcycle Club is made up of veterans of the US Marine Corps and their spouses. Those who died that day according to were Edward and Jo-Ann Corr, Michael Ferazzi, Albert Mazza, Desma Oakes, Aaron Perry and Daniel Pereira. All of the victims were from the New England area. Some from New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I remember hearing the news of the accident in disbelief. In addition to the seven dead, we should all remember the injured, families and loved ones from the events of that horrific day.

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