Mephisto secretly strengthens Marvel heroes

From Ghost Rider to Spider-Man to the Invisible Woman, Doctor Strange believes Mephisto makes Marvel’s heroes stronger.

Warning: contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man # 74!

As MephistoSpider-Man’s interference in Spider-Man’s life comes to a head, new secrets have been revealed about his motivations and effect on the world – most surprisingly, Doctor Strange thinks the evil villain makes heroes of Marvel stronger. The Incredible Spider-Man recently saw Peter Parker attacked by undead vampires, acting as Mephisto’s pawn to prevent the birth of his daughter, who is destined to become a great hero. But as the plan fails, Doctor Strange has an observation that could stop Mephisto in his tracks.

Mephisto’s pacts with the heroes usually end up turning into more than they bargained for, as there are additional sacrifices or fallout. There are also cases where the terrible event the hero was trying to avoid ends up happening anyway. For example, shortly after Johnny Blaze agrees to sell his soul to save his adoptive father from cancer death, Crash Simpson dies in a motorcycle accident. Mephisto also claims his soul, using it against Blaze, meaning he became Ghost Rider for nothing. With his tendency to cheat heroes through his chords, it would seem like things always go according to the demon’s plan, and even beating Mephisto tends to end in another dead end.

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Yet in Amazing Spider-Man # 74, Doctor Strange shares his theory that Mephisto’s machinations offer heroes an opportunity to become stronger by surviving his best plans. He notes that if they last and emerge, they will be better off, having experienced a baptism by fire and coming out stronger than ever. This issue, written by Nick Spencer and Christos Gage, with illustrations by Marcelo Ferreira, Mark Bagley, Ze Carlos, Dio Neves, Carlos Gomez, Ivan Fiorelli and Humberto Ramos, shows just how true this is for Spider-Man. This involves Spider-Man revisiting his controversial “One More Day” story by J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada, where Peter and Mary Jane Watson made a deal to prevent Aunt May’s death in exchange for their marriage to be erased. Of the history. While this deal isn’t reversed in the story, Peter and Mary Jane’s bond seems stronger than ever in this issue, and Doctor Strange points out it’s Mephisto’s fault, with his latest shot bringing the two together. .

Spider-Man Mephisto Makes You Stronger

Mary Jane is Doctor Strange’s second champion in his high-stakes bet with Mephisto on the outcome of Spider-Man’s battle against the two vampires. His re-emergence as Parker’s steadfast partner shows that their love has endured. When things looked the darkest for Spider-Man, Mary Jane freeing him from the rubble of the building that fell on him shows that he has found what had been lost. A love that had once been among the strongest in comics, saving Spider-Man from his darkest moments, was only galvanized into a stronger, more lasting connection, making Spider-Man a more compassionate hero. . What Mephisto sought to destroy, he ultimately improved.

Elsewhere in the Marvel Universe, Mephisto has beefed up other heroes as well. Each iteration of ghost rider becomes a hero who fights on the side of good. Susan Storm is also stronger from her encounter with the Devil in Mephisto Versus, when she agreed to stay in Mephisto’s realm so that Reed Richards’ intelligence would be returned. Jean Gray, who intervened on behalf of the Invisible Woman, initiated a soul exchange, first for his own soul and then for Thor’s, only proving and strengthening the strength of the three heroes involved. This was brought to light when Thor’s soul proved too much for Mephisto to handle, ultimately strengthening the bonds of the heroes of Earth at the expense of the villain.

As incredible as Mephisto’s power is, it’s reassuring that he can’t escape the way his actions galvanize the heroes of the world, further heightening the resolve that makes them heroic and even empowering them to help others. . This supports Doctor strangethe belief that Mephisto only makes Marvel heroes like Spider-Man stronger by giving them deeply personal obstacles to overcome.

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