Mint 1999 Plymouth Prowler costs the new Cadillac CT5-V money

Everyone secretly wants a Prowler, the V6 hot rod assembled to try and save Plymouth. We watch these videos on how to fix window regulators or fix common engine problems, hoping that someday we will buy a cheap Plymouth roadster. But it may already be too late.

The Prowler isn’t powerful or fast, and it has some issues. But like any famous car, eventually its value would skyrocket because they just weren’t selling enough at the time. Vanguard Motors just put this beauty up for sale, and its condition is almost as surprising as its price: $ 49,900.

Wow! If we remember correctly, the Prowlers only had one trim level, and for 1999 they cost around $ 40,000. For around $ 50,000, you could get a Cadillac CT5-V sports sedan ($ 47,795) or a Dodge Challenger R / T Scat Pack Widebody ($ 47,640) and get a lot more horsepower. Alternatively, you could almost get a Porsche Macan.

A lot of people want purple paint, but this one is red. And that doesn’t seem to come with the Prowler shaped trailer which always adds a lot of value. But we can see why a 90s car fanatic would want to pay so much money. This thing has only traveled 8,948 miles (14,400 km) and is in its original condition.

Everything seems to have never been used to be exposed to the elements, from the headlights to the chrome wheels. Above all, we are surprised by the condition of the rear subframe. That said, most of the car is aluminum, including the hood, doors, control arms, frame, and cross members. The interior offers all the comfort and style of a 1990’s Chrysler product.

Vanguard normally sells great muscle cars and American classics, so we’re a little disappointed to find a stock situation under the hood. The Prowlers are powered by a 3.5-liter 24-valve engine, which for 1999 has an aluminum block and 262 hp (up from 217 hp).

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